Review – Adventures With Greening Man (print version)

Adventures With Greening Man
My Mythic Mentor For
Ever-Renewing Life
Book One: SEED Winter Of Awakening

Author: James Wanless, PhD
EverGreening Man
Produced By Wayne Marshall,
ISBN #978-1-4949661-9-5

Greening Man Cover

“Walking Man,” here is the secret of life …
Nature is the medicine and solution for
everyone and for all issues and situations.
Nature, itself, is the “Holy Grail of Life.”
People have searched for this magic all over
the world since the beginning of time but don’t
find it because they don’t see the forest for the trees.”
Green Man’s response to James

This review is for the print version of this book. It is interesting to note that in the forward (which I wrote for the digital version) I am talking about how delighted I am with the links to video material that are live”, because of the digital nature of the book. The links are still there in the print version, of course, but they are not live. Only in Harry Potter’s world would that be happening!

For me, James Wanless IS the Greening Man. I have watched him grow over the years, as the creator of the “Voyager Tarot”, author of “Intuition At Work” (a book on being successful at all levels of life), to his latest book, “Sustainable Life: The New Success” (where he examines nature, neuroscience, psychology, and the powers of the mind). He is also the creator of a new deck, the “Sustain Yourself Cards”.

“Book One: SEED”, is the first book in a four-part series on greening and sustainability. It is written as a dialog between James and Greening Man. Greening Man? You thought that should be Green Man, perhaps? It seems that Green Man is a noun, rather a static state. Greening Man is a verb – a state of action, a state of being and becoming. Much better to have Greening Man as your mentor! It is interesting, because of course this is a dialog between James and his inner self. I recently read “The Awakening Human Being”, by Barbara Berger (With Tim Ray), where she shares an internal dialog that she is having with herself. Is this synchronicity, or what!

James was at a pointing his life where he wanted change. His decision was to call on the ever-renewing Green Man for advice. So he wrote Green Man a letter. He wrote it by hand, and added color and images to make it interesting.This letter was the beginning of a dialog that I think I am safe in saying will never end. What follows is an exercise in connecting with some very deep parts of self, and coming to some very mind-boggling realizations.

The answer to James’ letter was almost instantaneous – a true “Come To Green Man” moment of channeled wisdom! The Green Man is perpetual life, as well as the guardian of that life. James was informed that through his disconnect with nature, he had lost the way for renewing his life. The Green Man offered to be his guide to reconnect him with nature. From being asleep in the wintertime of his life, James has been awakened!

Now there are a whole bunch of “re’s”: RE-awakening, RE-peat, RE-start, RE-store, RE-cover. About this time the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin floated into my mind and took up residence. All of this is in honor of a sustainable life.

The dialog continues between James and the Greening Man. James is urged to find his green path … to experience it fully. And he does. He is on the Holy Grail Tail. He shares this path, and the wisdom that he has gained through text, poetry, black and white images, and You Tube videos. (Watch the videos – they are stunning!)

We are at a turning point in our world, and in our lives. We are acknowledging the need to reconnect with nature, with Green Man and Green Woman. Success in all areas of our life really depends on this.

James and the Greening Man talk about the Deadlies (shadows that hold us back), and how to move forward in sustaining ourselves. The Greening Man notes that we are nature, we are not just out there observing nature. We have a need to feel fresh, vibrant, and creative. James is told to keep a journal of his journey, and to work with a coach.

James is held accountable. He has to show that he understands and is fully experiencing what Greening Man is telling him. That is a lesson for all of us!
This book is one that you need to experience yourself to get full value. And there is a tremendous amount of value to be found here!

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Review – Starbrow

Starbrow -
A Spiritual Adventure

Author: Tim Ray
Findhorn Press
ISBN #1-84409=003-5

Starbrow cover
This is indeed a highly spiritual story, one that takes three young men in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a serious adventure through time and space. It starts out with a golden light on a dark night, a light surrounding a beautiful  woman who informs one of our heroes that his name is Starbrow, and that he has a mission. What does he do? He runs away! Well, who wouldn’t.

Our young hero, and two of his Dungeons and Dragons playing friends are about to go on the journey of their life. They will find out that 1500 years ago they were part of a failed mission to create peace and harmony on earth. Now earth has reached a critical stage, and the young men are mandated to finish their original mission … to create peace and harmony on earth. One problem … they have forgotten the Secret of the Force, and they have 48 hours to remember it!

Throughout this fast moving adventure are woven some serious metaphysical principles. They are presented in a manner so that they are easily recognized, and just as easily placed into the readers daily life. This is wisdom that we have heard before, but that is being presented again because now is a time when it is important.

Then there are the myths and archetypal references … Merlin, King Arthur, the Archangel Michael, Avalon, and more. Our three young heroes are also gifted with sight into the akashic records, where they find that this is not the first lifetime that they have been together. They each carry a specific skill within them, and are gifted with weapons that align with their skill.

Their mission? To ready a specific power spot so that at a given time it can be aligned with other power spots around the world, and create a giant Light grid that prevents an axis shift, and spreads the New Vision across the earth. Now our young heroes have 2-3 years to change the world, and prevent a new axis shift.

A fast paced adventure of epic proportions, it has many more levels to it. To recognize the people around us, to know that we have a purpose in life, and that all things are interconnected.

If you want a good read … this is it!

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Review – Sustainable Life: The New Success

Sustainable Life:
The New Success

Author: James Wanless, Ph.D.
The Living Future
ISBN #978-0-9833024-8-4

Sustainable Life Cover Small

“Sustainability is the new success, because it’s
a sustainable success, and it’s not a given. It’s an
ability – the “sustain-ability” – that needs to be learned
and exercised. In “Sustainable Life”, noted futurist James
Wanless, Ph.D.examines the principles of personal
sustainability as the means of living a healthy, whole
life – achieving a personal sustainability and contributing to
global sustainability through our personal choices.”
from the back of the book

We definitely have a road map for leading a good life in this incredible book. In his preface, Wanless notes that there is no particular way or form to follow, that it is the energy behind whatever we do that sustains us the most.

In Part One, Wanless presents us with a roadmap for sustainability. Part Two talks about “sustainabilities”, including adapting, growing, seeds of change, the fruits of growth, and breaking through a break point. Part Three addresses the sustainable you, including the creative mind, the heart of motivation, the renewable body, an inspired life of destiny, and synergy. Part Four addresses sustainable work – productive right livelihood. Part Five addresses sustainable love. Part Six addresses a sustainable world, including community and mother nature. Part Seven addresses sustainable future. Part Eight is the sustain-ability gym – an action journal for recording personal insights and progress.

“Sustainable Life” is illustrated throughout with full color images from Wanless’ “Sustain Yourself Cards”. They are a wonderful accompaniment to the “green wisdom” contained in this book. I love that throughout the book Wanless asks us to question ourselves, such as “What talents hae I unused, or underused? Where have I underperformed, and how have I undervalued myself?”

We are encouraged to build and maintain a healthy environment around us, to take care of ourself, and to become completely healthy. We are encouraged to balance our four essential faculties: thinking, feeling, sensing, and knowing.

The final chapter is after my own heart … a series of questions for the reader to answer, along with actions that they develop for themselves. Questions include: “Why do you want to be more sustain-able?”, “How are you not authentic?”, “How have you undervalued yourself?”, and “What outer resources are you developing?”.

Bottom line – we are to live our destiny.

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Review – Kant In Hong Kong

Kant In Hong Kong -
Walking, Thinking, And the City

Author: Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Eyecorner Press
ISBN #978-87-92633-26-2

Kant In Hong Kong
Gray Kochhar-Lindgren is Associate Vice Chancellor For Undergraduate Learning, and Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences with the University of Washington, Bothel. In the summer of 2014 he will be taking a position as Professor and Director of the Common Core at the University of Hong Kong. It is through the lens of this perception that we can understand how this book came to be.

“Kant In Hong Kong” is a lovely web that is woven around Hong Kong, experiencing Hong Kong, and the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant in his time was famous for his walks in his hometown of Konigsberg, so it is not a stretch to walk with him through the ultra-modern city of Hong Kong. The author moves up and down the travelator between Queen’s Road Central and the Mid-Levels, takes the bus to the beach at Shek-O, and visits the Temple of Tin Hau. As readers, we experience Kant and his thoughts in Kowloon, Hung Hom, Sheung Wan, and Admirality … with a few thoughts of Seattle and its lifestyle thrown in for good measure!

Opening this book took me through a time warp that allowed me to feel that I was actually walking along with Immanuel Kant, while at the same time I felt that I was walking the streets of modern-day Hong Kong. We start out at the Stanley Ho Sports Complex, and the question “What forms the whole?” We find Kant sitting at the swimming pool, dressed in his Prussian suit.

I loved the mention of Pacific Coffee Company … primarily because I love everything to do with coffee! It is a cafe on Wellington Street, surrounded by music and activity. Here we read about how the past infuses the present, and the palace of memory. Gentle words that will bring back memories for each and every reader.

Throughout this book we experience Hong Kong through all of our senses. We contemplate Kant and his philosophy, and how it applies to the here and now. Through this little walking tour (although we are not walking all of the time), we experience the past, the present, and the future in myriad ways.

Kochhar-Lindgren says it best, when he says:

“Reading Kant teaches us to do philosophy, to walk the streets of philosophy, a task that we never quite understand but that we nevertheless continue to take on as an act of faith – faith in reading, writing, the senses, thinking, and walking – that, occasionally, is punctuated with a quick pirouette of joy that comes upon us as if from nowhere and lifts us upon the toes of our scuffed shoes. Walking the streets also teaches us to read philosophy in a more fruitful manner, to test its abstractions against the rhythms of the MTR or of Nathan Road. It brings philosophy back into the city, where the whole peculiar story began.”

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Review – Oracle of Initiation

Oracle of Initiation – Rainbows in the Dark (2nd Edition)

Author: Mellissae Lucia

Artist: Mellissae Lucia

Independently Published


ISBN #978-0-9834562-0-9


It is quite interesting that “Oracle of Initiation – Rainbows in the Dark” came to me at this time. For Lucia, the five year journey reflected in this book began with the death of her husband. She chose to dance alone in the subterranean tunnels of New Mexico, reclaiming her personal freedom through discovering her “rainbows in the dark”. A journey of spirit, as an artist she makes use of her own body imagery to share her message.

This is a 66 card deck, with a 398 page companion book. The cards are divided into eight different sections. Each section representing a different realm, which together encompass the basis of an archetypal journey of spiritual awakening. The structure of the deck is cyclical … throughout each of the eight realms, eight stages are echoed.

Innocence – Gateway: Potential, Spread:The True Happiness Reading

Exploration – Gateway: Threshold, Spread: Gateway Reading

Initiation – Gateway: Surrender, Spread: Innana Underworld Reading

Discernment – Gateway: Tempering, Spread: Pearls of Grace Reading

Alliance – Gateway: Communion, Spread: Council Reading

Balance – Gateway: Empowerment, Spread: Chakra Balancing Reading

Offering – Gateway: Servant, Spread: See-King Reading

Unity – Gateway: Visionary, Spread: Hollow Bone Reading

Lucia suggests in her companion book that each individual get to know each card intuitively before reading what has been written about it. In this manner the written material acts as a “backup”, or referral, for what each individual feels about a given card.

The book is divided into three sections: the introduction, which talks about the process of creating the cards and the story that they tell; the second part of the book describes the structure of the cards, and how to use it; the third part of the book contains the descriptions of the cards. I dearly love that this last section is tabbed, for easy access! At the end of the book we find a listing of the Guardians referred to, the eight reading spreads, a section on inspirations and resources, along with a list of artists and contributors.

Lucia defines initiation as as an invitation to move into the deep knowing within us. There is a need for us to step outside of the mundane and meet the world through our mythical mind. Lucia claimed her freedom through union with the wilderness. Working with the cards, according to Lucia, is a form of vision quest.

She also talks about the gift connected with each gateway:

The Gift of Innocence – Love The Gift of Exploration – Purpose

The Gift of Initiation – Surrender

The Gift of Discernment – Magic

The Gift of Alliance – Collaboration

The Gift of Balance – Gratitude

The Gift of Offering – Passion

The Gift of Unity – Beauty

Each card contains a full page black and white scan, along with the intent of the card, the deity referenced, and the oracle speaking through diverse figures, such as Morwenna Morasch, Pele, Hecate, and more.


The cards are 4 1/4″ by 6″, of glossy cardstock. The backs are black, with a green circle in the center surrounded by a black circle, which is surrounded by a red circle. These are all muted colors. Diagonally across the circle are back to back small “i’s”. The backs are reversible. The card faces show a black background, with muted imagery. All of the images are of Lucia herself. In the lower right hand corner of each card is the card number and name. The Gateway’s each start out with a triangular form, representing the Norse Sami Lavo tee pee. They have their title in the lower right hand corner. The Gateway of Initiation shows a burnt brown background, with two crossed swords at the top of the triangle.


Unconscious, card 6, shows a blurred face in the upper left hand corner, against a black background. Unconscious is entitled The Alliance of Innocence (Shrouded Trance). The associated deity is Shiva.


Awakening, card 7, shows a blurred face with a hand in front of it. Awakening is entitled The Balance of Innocence (Meet Your Muse). The associated deity is Kali.


Recognition, card 14, shows a covered face … except for the eyes. Recognition is entitled the Alliance of Exploration (Marked by Spirits). The associated deity is Quetzalcoatl.


Subtlety, card 37, shows a white face with a translucent, blue-green veil over it. Subtlety is entitled Discernment of Alliance (Esoteric Enchantment). The associated deity is the corn maiden.


Alignment, card 55, shows Lucia, lying down, looking up. Alignment is entitled The Balance of Offering (Hollow Bone). The assoicated deity is Juksahkka.

This is a fantastic deck for inner work … you will find many layers in each card … and you may find things that you did not bargain for. There is movement, life, and force in the imagery of these cards. Be prepare to know yourself!

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March Madness At Attune Magazine!

Attune Magazine

March Madness takes on a whole new meaning with Attune Magazine! The entire month of March is dedicated to raising funds to take Attune Magazine into the digital age … to place it on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Founder/editor Mary Nale has consistently presented us with quality articles and reviews, video reviews, and ads for a diverse range of products and services. Her magazine reaches a wide circle of people, and will reach a wider circle with inclusion on mobile devices.

There is a listing of products and services  that have been donated as rewards here. First come, first serve! Rewards range from a 30 minute Harmony Light Reiki Session, to Your Numerology Map, to “Power Scopes” and a 15 minute Intuitive Reading, to Handmade Tarot bags, to a 30 minute reading with Maggie Lukowski, to books, including “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You”, “Tarot, Rituals, and You”, and “Seek Joy … Toss Confetti”,  buy one/get one free for a half page ad, and a beautiful Gemmy Pendulum.

There will also be a series of free classes during the month of March. Individuals in the chat room are eligible to receive free random rewards … but you have to be there to receive them! Classes include:

3/07/14 Tarot Shadow Work Part 1 – Koneta Bailey

3/10/14 Bind Runes – ReeNee Cummins

3/17/14 Sigal Design – ReeNee Cummins

3/19/14 Past Lives – Bonnie Cehovet

3/22/14 Communicating With Spirits – Maggie Lukowski

3/26/14 Birth Card Pairs – Bonnie Cehovet

You can also keep up with the fundraiser on Facebook. I hope that you all come and enjoy the classes, and that you contribute whatever you can to the fundraiser. Mary has worked very hard to keep Attune Magazine and Attune Radio up and running, and if we can help her move to the next level, that is what we need to do! Come and be a part of this wonderful community!

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Montenegrin coast from dusk ’till dawn

Bonnie Cehovet:

Beautiful photo’s of Montenegro!

Originally posted on moderndayruth:

100_8088 100_8089 100_8091 100_8094 100_8096 100_8097 100_8101 100_8103 100_8105 100_8106 100_8110 100_8111 100_8127 100_8128 100_8129 100_8133

To make it up for my absence from WP – after the images and words on Russian winter – here is an eye candy of another kind for you to enjoy. I was on a work trip on the coast and had very little free time so the pictures are taken late in the afternoon and early in the morning, when i made it out of the hotel and away from the duty. The pictures were taken at The Budva Riviera and at the Bay of Kotor, hope you’ll like them.

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Review – The Adventures of Pebble Beach

The Adventures of Pebble Beach

Author: Barbara Berger
Roundfire Books
ISBN #978-1-78099-779-7

Adventires of Pebble Beach cover

I am definitely a fan of Barbara Berger’s work! In “The Adventures of Pebble Beach” (a book that she wrote in 1987), Berger moves into the genre of fiction … which happens to be a great way to get her point across! Her heroine is Pebble Beach, a newly divorced woman in her mid-40’s, trying to raise two teenage sons while struggling to forge a career for herself as a copywriter. She has a tendency to be attracted to the wrong man, is dealing with issues of insecurity and low self-confidence, is not at ease with the aging process, and is terrified that she will not be able to support herself and her two sons.

Both her professional and personal misadventures are issues that single women over forty can identify with. How Pebble handles these misadventures is presented in a realistic, yet humorous manner. Her rather distant father, her “from another generation” mother, and her quick on the uptake uncle form background while they help move the story forward.

Pebble grows personally and professionally in this book, with the help of her therapist. (A therapist who by the end of the book is making her own little life changes!). I love that Pebble has this running internal conversations … don‘t we all have them! I can see myself in her … and I have about twenty years on her!

This book hit me on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It made me laugh, it made me cry … and it brought back internal scenes that I have been able to move on from, but that I see as universal issues. It’s all good. Some of the things that we face in life are the same things that Pebble is facing – low self-esteem, relationships that do not work (but that we keep being drawn back to), poor communications (with self and others), and living up to the expectations of others. Life has a tendency to get complicated, after all!

The background of the book is Copenhagen, where Pebble lives. It was quite interesting to read the little tid bits about the city, and socializing within the city. Pebble’s professional life takes her into the sphere of some major players … where she goes from being ostracized to … well, you have to read the book to find that out!

A very good read on its own … and an excellent resource for figuring out how to deal with life!

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Review – The Rune Deck

The Rune Deck

Author: Mary Nale
Artist: Mary Nale
Indepedently Published


“The Rune Deck”, from Mary Nale and Attune Magazine, is a 25 card deck based on the Elder Futhark (thought to be the oldest version of the Runic alphabet). The 25th card is a blank card, which some choose to read with, and some do not. I am very happy that this card was included, as I do use it myself.

There are two sizes of this deck available – bridge size and a mini-deck. The size of the cards I am reviewing is 2 ¼” by 3 ½”. The overall color scheme is brown – the backs carry a dark brown border, with a skull centered at the top of the card, against a brown background. Under the skull we see two orange and brown butterflies. Under this heading we see the Runic symbols – black on a dark brown background, with the cards set against a very light brown background. The card title is under each card. The backs are not reversible.

The card faces show a dark brown border, with a very light brown inner border.  In the upper right hand corner is a skull, in the upper left hand corner is a small sun. In the lower left hand corner sits a butterfly. In between the skull and the butterfly we see a dark circle, with a light brown inner background. The Runic symbol appears in the middle of this circle, in dark brown. Across the bottom of the card we see two infinity symbols, in very light brown, with multiple lines, showing movement.

Accompanying the cards is a sheet giving a short explanation of the Elder Futhark followed by the Runic symbols, under which are their titles, and a specific keyword. For example, – with Fehu we see the keyword wealth, with Laguz we see the keyword water.

I did a three card Past/Present/Future reading, and drew the following Runes: Nauthiz/Thurisaz/Kenaz. Naubiz, with the keywords “need/hardship”, indicates to me that in the past there has literally been some form of hardship. Thurisaz, with the keyword “giant”, indicates that in the present there is conflict and will at work, bringing about change.  Kenaz, which represents the future, and the probable outcome, speaks of creativity, strength, and opening up to new power. I was reading for myself, and this does ring true.

The only thing that I noticed about this deck that was a bit different was the spelling of some of the Runic names. This can differ in various reference materials, so I would say that the user should work with what may be familiar to them. The titles in question are Burisaz/Thurisaz, Raibo/Raidho, Kaunaz/Kenaz, Perb/Perthro, Sowulo/Sowilo, Teiwaz/Tiwaz, Berkana/Berkano, Inguz/Ingwaz, Opila/Othala.

I have several sets of Runes, in everything from wood to rose quartz crystals. I enjoy working with them, and find these cards to be a lovely inclusion.

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Review – The Purple Lenormand

The Purple Lenormand

Creator: Mary Nale
Independently Published

Purple Lenormand Box

I just received the Purple Lenormand, a new 36 card deck from Mary Nale of Attune Magazine. I don’t generally read with the Lenormand, but I do find this deck to be interesting. It is, as the name implies, done in purple, which is a favorite color of mine … a very relaxing, serene color.

The Purple Lenormand

The cards come in a clear, hard plastic box. There are no instructions. The card backs are a light purple, with a silver edged insert in the middle with the deck name, superimposed over fern leaves. The backs are not reversible. The card faces show the same light purple background, with the silver edged insert vertically in the middle of the card. The card image, and number, are placed over the silver edged insert.

This is meant to be a whimsical deck, and it is. Be aware that the imagery from this deck reflects life, which means that there are a full gamut of emotions expressed, some of which might be considered to be on the dark side. In the discussion of the cards below, the meanings of the cards were taken from this site:


Card number 3 shows a ship with masts, sailing on the ocean. The feeling here is a gentle one. Modern meanings include travel, putting all of your eggs in one basket, or the start of an enterprise.


Card number 8 shows a black coffin in the middle of the page, with black skulls, wearing top hats, on either side of the coffin. Sounds macabre, but it really is cute! Modern meanings include sickness, need of rest, or a visit to a hospital.

TPL 10-1

Card number 10 shows the Grim Reaper, holding a scythe in front of him. Modern meanings include the sudden end of something, which can be determined by the surrounding cards.

TPL 11

Card number 11 shows a short yellow broom, with a hand in front of it wielding a whip. Modern meanings include negotiations, clearing the air, and addressing issues as they crop up. On the flip side, we are looking at anger, arguments, and beating yourself up.

TPL 12

Card number 12 shows two crows, one in the upper right hand corner, and one in the lower left hand corner. In the middle we see a multi-colored hummingbird, in  the lower right hand corner we see a smaller light purple hummingbird. Modern meanings include text messaging, a successions of short meetings or messages, or communication.

I found this deck easy to read with … it could be used as a stand-alone oracle, or read in conjunction with the Tarot or some other oracle.  It is a beautiful deck, and a nice addition to the Lenormand tradition!

Available through Attune Magazine – Sales of this deck go to keeping Attune Magazine available to the public, for free.

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