The Holy Fool

I just finished reading Laurie R. King’s “To Play The Fool”. This is a mystery, set in contemporary San Francisco. One of the major characters in this book is someone who is quite literally playing the Fool – I capitolize this because this is how the person thinks of themself, not because of any direct connection to the Fool in the Tarot.

This Fool speaks only in quotes (mainly from Shakespeare and biblical references), and has the people around him entranced. He is living his life on the street, for the most part, this Fool and his staff (which has a face at the top that strongly resembles his own). The first that we hear about him is when he is presiding over a funeral pyre for a small dog (not his, but the dog of another street person), in the middle of a park.

There will be another funeral pyre in this park – only this time the body involved is that of the small dog’s owner – a man not well liked by many people. There are several questions to think about: Was the Fool involved int he murder of this man? If not, does he know who was? If he knows who did it, why won’t he say? And why does it take another innocent death to bring him out of the Fool mode and into reality?

What is a Holy Fool? A Holy Fool is the archetype of the trickster – he acts in “foolish” ways, he is the royal jester that dares to do and say what no one else will. He can be found in all religions. Jesus Christ and St. Francis of Assisi can be seen as Holy Fools. He deliberately leaves the mundane life to lead a life in which he deliberatley flaunts religious and societal mores – playing the Devil’s advocate.

In King’s story, the character of the Fool was formerly an ordained minister and a professor of divinity, who underwent a life crisis of monumental proportions. In the end, he returns to the life of the Fool.

Certainly this gives us something to think about when the Fool comes up in a reading. What are the depths of this archetype, and how is this manifesting nin the life of the Seeker?

There is an interesting video here that shows the actions of a Holy Fool:

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