Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This day can be a warm fuzzy, highly over-rated, or a push button for angst of all kinds. As a Tarot reader, I have seen the many arms of this amoeba, and have seen and heard things that I would never have believed were possible.

Rather than doing a couple’s focused relationship reading, or presenting some wonderful new template for doing same, I decided to look at relationship with self. I decided to do a three card reading, using the Morgan-Greer Tarot. (I actually do have other decks that I would prefer to use for this, but they are packed away.) I defined the positions as:

1. How do I currently relate to myself?
2. What am I carrying over from the past?
3. What do I need to release, so that I will grow?

The cards that I drew were the Three of Swords, Four of Wands and The Chariot.

I do have to laugh, because this is all too true! You should hear the conversations that I have with myself, trying to get said self to shape up and move forward! There is no sorrow, but a great deal of disappointment.

From the past, I carry the need for stability, for prosperity, and to have a certain amount of abundance around me.

I need to release the need to be victoriuos. I can bring a sense of balance to my life (which I will always want/need, as earth is heavy in my chart) , and lead an authentic life, without having to be in constant competition with others, and with myself.

For those of you that may read this blog, please try this spread, and let me know how it worked for you. 🙂

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