I just finished reading “Sepulchre”, by Kate Mosse. Yes, the book came out in 2007, and I had heard about it, but it just now made its way into my hands. 😉 It is impressive not just by size (over 500 pages), but by content. Mosse (author of “Labyrinth”) gifts us with a “Da Vinci Code” style story that we don’t want to put down.

There are two stories, running along a parallel timeline – one from the past, one in the present. The storyline from the past involves a French brother and sister, their young, widowed Aunt, and their deceased Uncle – who allegedly raised a demon from the old Visigoth sepulchre on his estate. The story from the present involves a young American graduate student, Meredith Martin, who is doing research in France on Claude Debussy, and attempting to reconcile her own tortured past.

The connection – one that is nicely woven into the story – is a Tarot deck. In fact, two Tarot decks, one fromt he past, and one frm the present. A chance meeting on the street leads Meredith Martin to a Tarot reader, where she discovers her own likeness on the deck that she chooses for her reading. It is the card entitled La Justice.

From Paris, Martin journeys to Rennes-les-Bains, to a picture, a piano, and a piece of music entitled “Sepulchre 1890”. All of these, including the Tarot deck that she carries, and the one that she will discover, as keys to bringing resolution to a figure from the past, and to her own family history.

Filled with fine detail, and sprinkled with French and Occitan phrases, this is a book well worth reading.

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