Adam McLean

I am currently reading Speculative Philosophy, by Gerhard Dorn. It comes with an introduction by Adam McLean, and was, in fact, translated by Paul Ferguson at McLean’s request. I am about half-way through the book, and totally enamored of the topic and the presentation.

The book is a part of Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks, which is a series of books (35 to date) on Hermetic Sourceworks that began production in 1979. They are signed and numbered limited editions. I believe only nine books are currently available from the site – to obtain the other books, you would have to go to a second hand book site – and I rather think the price would be extremely high!

In 1997 McLean began production of The Hermetic Studies series. There are eight volumes currently available, with more in production.

McLean’s alchemical site is the kind of place that one could spend days at – and barely scratched the surface. Courses (six months each), CD’s, artwork, books, articles, alchemical imagery – this is just part of what you will find. A lovely rabbit hole for those interested in the esoteric side of life!

McLean also has a number of projects going on in the world of Tarot. One of his projects is an upcoming exhibition, where he will be showing examples from different decks with related themes, and Tarot books and deck layouts. He also offers a course in the Tarot, and publishes limited edition decks (100 copies, signed by the artist). At present there are seventeen different decks being offered. The decks are, for the most part, Major Arcana only, and are offered strictly through McLean’s site.

The Tarot site can be seen here: Alchemy Website, the Tarot blog here: Tarot blog, how the Tarot decks are produced here: Tarot Deck Production, information on alchemical texts here: Alchemy, and his alchemy blog here: Alchemical blog.


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