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Social Media – The New (To Me) Frontier

I have never considered myself to be up to date on anything, so I am amazed at my learning curve regarding social media. Now, you have to understand that until I see something on the news, or hear it talked about on Internet lists, I have no clue what is going on. I have put off working with FaceBook for so long that I completely forgot that I had ever signed up for it! The same for LinkedIn. Twitter is new for me – and I owe Stephanie Arwen Lynch thanks for posting her Twitters on her LiveJournal blog. This is where I first saw Twitter, and it still took me forever to sign up!

So what exactly are these social media venues? And why exactly would a writer, or a Tarot professional, need them? Social media venues are all about networking. Whether we are professional readers, writers, or just learning to read the Tarot, it pays to have a network of people to fall back on. Social networking is all about having conversations – about connecting, and about caring. We need to be true to who we are, to be willing to ask for help or advise when needed, and to offer it when we see that we have something to offer.

This last point is especially true on a site like Twitter, where there are a ton of posts, all mandated to be under 140 characters. Chat here should be interesting, or you will lose followers (there are so many people to choose from, you have to offer quality, but you also have to be a real person). Talk about the parts of your life and your interests that you wish to share, and intersperse this with links to articles you have written, blogs that you are writing, business sites, pages where you are offering a product or service or to videos that you have done. Be polite, and work with the site. Comment (in a polite manner) on other people’s posts if you have something to add. Use the DM function to send a direct message that only the individual that receives it will see. ReTweet (RT) posts that you think your followers would be interested in seeing. Take an active part in the site, and actively look to connect on other social media sites with your Twitter friends..

FaceBook is one of the five largest sites on the Internet, and a wonderful place to connect. You can keep up with friends and business associates, upload pictures, and share links and videos. This is a very important place to add links to your other social media sites, blogs and personal or professional sites. Comments can be shared on what is called the “wall”, and there are applications for sending different types of acknowledgements to your friends and associates.

YouTube is probably the greatest place in the world to play around and find great videos (or place a video of your own). People get to know the real you through You Tube, and you can either share the link to your You Tube page, or you can get the embedded code for your video (or for any video that you wish to share) and place it on your blog, on your site, or on your other social media sites.

LinkedIn is a fantastic site, where you can connect with people who are on the list of people that you are already directly connected with. I see this as basically a professional linking site – one that is relatively easy to use. (Remember – I am a non-techie.)
A good marketing tactic is to link each of these sites together – place your FaceBook link on LinkedIn, and your LinkedIn link on FaceBook. On Twitter, simply let people know the sites that you are on – you can do this through Tweets, and/or include this information in your bio.

The least “best kept” secret to social media venues is not that you are making connections – but that once you make your connections, you then have the opportunity to view and connect with the connections of the people that you are connecting with! What is termed the “hidden network” (the people that your personal connections are connected to) is a tremendous resource.

In my next blog, I am going to discuss things that you can do within each of the social media venues. (According to my limited understanding, I am going to do this!)

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