The 7 Great Prayers

The 7 Great Prayers
For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings

Author: Paul McManus & Tracey McManus
Vanguard Press
ISBN #978-1-59315-549-0

Offering a simple, effective solution for leading an authentic life in these troubled times. No one ever expected to be facing the level of meltdown that our global community is seeing at this time. Where do you turn, who do you turn to, when everyone around you is experiencing some level of financial concern, loss of job, loss of home, stress on relationships, and loss of hope?

You turn within, and you turn to the source of the Divine in your life. You turn to God, and you turn to prayer. Through strengthening your connection with whatever you perceive God, or the Divine Source to be, you align yourself with the positive in life, you gain hope, find your purpose in life, and lead a life of abundance and blessings. This is the premise of “The 7 Great Prayers”. Not incidentally, the publication of this book coincides with the 58th annual National Day of Prayer, which focuses on hope (

Paul and Tracey McManus, and their children, have lived through the cycle of abundance, and then sudden loss (due to the crash of the dot-com economy). In response to their personal and financial challenges, they developed the system of “The 7 Great Prayers”. By focusing on their blessings, rather than on their losses, they found a tool that was transformational for them – a Prayer of Gratitude.

They developed the following principles for “The 7 Great Prayers”: Praise, Gratitude, Comfort & Strength, Attract Blessings, Connection, Blessing Others, and Live with Hope & Purpose. Starting with a simple web page, and running off copies of their book at Kinko’s, they sold over 62,000 books in over 163 countries around the world. Their system of prayer has helped countless people find hope, take their lives back, and surround themselves with the joy and abundance that they deserve.

Within the pages of this book the McManus’ walk the reader through the steps of developing their own prayers, reflective of their own life circumstances. They see this as their life purpose – to share this information with as many people as they can.

I loved the “artistry” of this book. Not only do the words flow, but the graphics are conservative and nicely placed. The graphic from the cover is used within the book (in black and white) to head each chapter. It is placed in an oval framework, as is the portrait of the McManus family at the beginning of the book.

Why am I talking about the graphic? Because while it shows a very pleasant scene of a river of water wandering through fertile green fields, with hills in the background, and a full rayed sun behind them, it is rife with esoteric meaning, and it embodies what this book is all about!

Throughout the book the McManus’ share the story of their difficulties, and how they found their way out of them, They share little snippets of their personal life to highlight the points that they are making, bringing their story into a very real setting.

The seven prayers, along with affirmations that each individual develops for themselves, are to be said on a daily basis – in fact, several times a day. They are also to be written out, to make them part of each individuals energy. The 7 Prayers, along with their associated affirmations, are to be read on a daily basis for 21 straight days – again, to make them part of the individuals energy body. It is also suggested that the individual work with a partner, or as part of a group. This lends them support in their work.

This book is meant to give the reader a method for connecting with spirit, with the additional tool of affirmations. The connection with spirit is made through the use of the 7 Great Prayers: (1) I love You God, (2) Thank You God, (3) God, You Are Within Me, (4) God, Bless Me, (5) God, I see You Everywhere, (6) God Bless and I Love … and (7) God, Help Me Help You.

There are sample affirmations for each of the prayers – the individual develops their own affirmations according to what they want to affirm in their own life. The McManus’ stress the importance of actually knowing what you want in life, so that you can take action on it.

Each affirmation is made in the present tense, in a positive tone, focusing on the blessings that you already have. Whatever the individual is wishing to manifest in their life is spoken of as if they already have it. In this way, the subconscious mind begins to believe that the wishes of the individual have actually manifested, and acts accordingly.

In this book there is actually a commitment that you make, and sign, to become part of the 21 day prayer challenge. As part of working with this book, the authors encourage the reader to write in the book (there are pages provided for writing affirmations down, and the reader is also encouraged to underline/highlight important words/concepts). Personally, I could never do this. Some individuals can. Each of us will do this work in our own way.

At the end of the book is a 21 day prayer journal, where the reader can jot down the affirmations that they have made, and make notes on their progress.

There is an Internet site associated with this book – The 7 Great Prayers – where you can find more information on the authors and on the 21 day prayer challenge. The authors have also created a CD with 50 minutes of positive affirmation prayers read by the authors against a background of inspirational classical music. The CD is available in both spoken and subconscious versions.

This is not a book to be read and set aside. It is not a book to be read, set aside, and then read again. It is a book to be worked with, placing intent and passion behind what the reader wishes to manifest in their life. Many different tools of empowerment came into play to create this work, and the authors make it very easy to place into your life. This is a wonderful resource for taking back control of your life!

© April 2009

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  1. berthevansoest says:

    Waw, this seems to be a really helpful practice.

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