Planetary Apothecary

Planetary Apothecary –
An Astrological Approach to Health and Wellness

Author: Stephanie Gailing
Crossing Press
ISBN #978-1-58091-191-7

Where to start – this is an amazing book! One place to start is with Gailing’s credentials – she is both a professional astrologer and a professional nutritionist who works with the ancient healing art of medical astrology. Serious chops here!

Gailing devotes an entire chapter to each of the signs of the zodiac, covering wellness and lifestyle recommendations in the areas of: health-supporting foods and eating tips, spa and wellness therapies, relaxation practices, yoga poses, aromatherapy, natural remedies and flower essences. There is literally something here for everybody!

I think that it is important for everyone to realize that they can use their own personal zodiac alignment to further their overall health and wellness. In her introduction, Gailing remarks that at the heart of medical astrology is the tenet “As Above, So Below”. There is a connection between the celestial bodies and our own physical bodies. She also notes that the signs and planets have alliances with different members of the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. In other words – they work in conjunction with them.

A client accessing a medical astrologer is offered personalized wellness solutions. Using this book, any individual has the tools that they need to put these principles to work in their life. In discussing how to use this book, Gailing recommends reading the chapters on your Sun sign (which represents your vitality, and the essence of who you are), your Moon sign (which represents your emotional being, and can give clues to which health care approaches might be best for you, and your Ascendant (Rising sign), which represents the manner in which you present yourself to the world, and describes the characteristics of your physical body.

Each chapter has ten areas of focus: (1) Personal Health Profile, (2) Areas of Health Focus, (3) Healthy Eating Tips, (4) Health-Supporting Foods, (5) Spa and Wellness Therapies, (6) Relaxation Practice, (7) Yoga Poses, (8) Aromatherapy, (9) Natural Remedies, and (10) Flower Essences.

My work here was made easy, because my Sun and Moon are both in the sign of Capricorn. What did I find out about myself? That I am grounded by Earth, and that Saturn (the ruler for Capricorn) brings in limitations, attention to time, rules and responsibilities – all of which help Capricorn take an idea and manifest it into reality.

Capricorns thrive on accomplishing goals – so I need to set wellness as a goal. I will follow mainstream therapies before I run out and sign up for an alternative therapy. Joints are an area of health focus for me (my knees and hips will be happy to be acknowledged!). I also need to pay attention to my skin. I need to avoid burnout (Capricorns have a tendency to keep working until the job is done!). Capricorn’s are supposed to limit caffeine (sorry – coffee is a staple in my diet!). I need to drink water (yes, I do need to pay more attention here) and eat leafy greens (I am okay here). Swedish massages and body-moisturizing treatments are good spa therapies for Capricorns. I have a choice of hiking or Labyrinth walking (here I come Labyrinth!), and the Mountain, Chair and Hero are good yoga poses for me. Cypress, Frankincense and Scotch Pine are the aromatherapies for the Capricorn personality. Glucosamine Sulfate, SAMe and Turmeric are good natural remedies for Capricorns. Mimulus, Vine and Oak are the preferable flower essences for Capricorns.

Most of this I already knew, some of it was new, and all of it was put into better perspective. If you knew this about yourself, or someone that you cared about, what a difference you could make!

I found this book to be of help in understanding myself, and my needs, but also the needs of friends and family members. We can help ourselves, and offer gentle guidance to others, and we can make a difference using the “Planetary Apothecary” guidelines.

© March 2009

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