By now most people know that created a huge issue for itself in the manner that it changed the ratings for adult content books – resulting in an incredible backlash from authors and readers. The following links are what I consider to be a quality reflection of this issue:

I decided to do a three-card reading, and see what information came up. The positions are as follows:

1. What we know about this issue.
2. What we don’t know about the issue.
3. What we need to knwo about the issue.

The deck that I used for this reading was the Robin Wood Tarot. I have added in comments on the issue as I understand it.

1. Six of Cups
2. The Star
3. Six of Pentacles

The Six of Cups – such a friendly little card. What we know a out this issue is not as negative as it may seem. There is a sense of harmony between, their customers and the authors of the books that may not at first seem evident.

Cmment: Allegedly part of the reasoning for taking the action that it did was that there was concern from some consumers that inappropriate content was coming up during searches. Supposedly this is about sales, and not about censorship. There is also a thought out there that this was not a human decision per se, but someone tweaking coding for their own purposes.

What we don’t know it that there is hope – that the situation will be rectified. Looking at the energy of the Star, I would say that this issue will be rectified without the threats that are coming out in posts and blogs on the Internet.

Comment: For some people, this is guerilla warfare, and it is not pretty. (I also realize that not havng your books rated is guerilla warefare on the part of The sanest thing that I have seen happen, and the most postiive response so far, seems to be the petition (there may be more than one petition, but I only know about one for sure) that is circulating.

What we need to know about this issue is that, quite literally, finances will be brought back into balance. There will be profit for the company, and for the authors. What more can one ask!

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