The Tarot Guild

One of the items that I picked up at the Readers Studio ’09 was a brochure on the Tarot Guild. Had I been paying more attention, I would have realized that there were two brochures put out – one on Friday, and one on Saturday. The difference between the two was in the spread that was presented in hte middle section.

I picked up the one on Friday, which had the Tarot Squared spread. What we have here are three horizontal columns, three vertical columns, and two diagonal paths. The numbers themselves go around in a spiral formation, fromt he middle, to the bottom, around to the left, and cicling back to the original number. This is quite a well done spread, and, as the brochure states, it can be customized for specific questions/issues quite easily.

The thought that went into the presentation of this spread equates with the thought that went into the brochure itself, which in turn reflects the thought behind the Tarot Guild ( ). The Tarot Guild was created as an organization of interest for those of all levels of interest and eperience in the Tarot world. They have been meeting since 2004, and now have over 350 members.

The philosophy of the Tarot Guild is that the Tarot acts as an allegorical tool, bridging the conscious and unconscious mind. It is up to the practitioner to enhacne the experience of self-discovery and self-communication.

The discipline of Tarot must have at its core a concern for the Seeker’s empowerment, and the goal of helping them to realize their own inner resources. The Seeker’s values and beliefs, as well as their current capacity for self-determination and common humanity must be respected.

The Tarot Guild operates in several diferent venues. it’s web site ( has as its goal that of becoming a premier Tarot site. It will include proprietary articles as well as information on classes and other community news. It will include information on all main Tarot gatherings/conferences/symposiums, reflecting world wide venues.

One of the goals of the Internet site is to rpovide the type of information that will help others create their own local meetings. In turn, the new groups will be bringing back fresh ideas to share ont he Tarot Guild site. For group leaders, the Tarot Guild will offer ideas for exercises and class materials. For solo practitioners (and most of us really are solo practitioners!), the site will offer ideas for new ways in which to use the cards.

Another venue for the Tarot Guild is their Tarot Salon, a weekly gathering of like minded Tarot enthusiasts with the goal of discussing all things Tarot. Other metaphysical/spiritual subjects may also be discussed, including the Law of Attraction, the Power of Now, Practical SPirituality, Numerology, Hypnosis and more. Short presentations are followed by a question and answer period, and the weekly Tarot mini-session.

The Tarot Cafe is held each Saturday at David’s Coffee (1440 University Ave, San Diego, CA), from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Lunch, lattee’s and Tarot talk available!

A note on visiting the Tarot Guild site – it is a new site, and content will be added. Right now it is free to sign up for the Tarot Guild, so that is something to think about. Also, fred West (the master mind behind the brochures for the Readers Studio) has placed them both on the site in PDF format so that they may be printed out.

As a courtesy, there is an informational survey on the site that doesn’t take that long to fill out.

The Tarot Guild is an up and coming part of our Tarot community, IMHO. 🙂

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