“Tails” of the Afterlife

“Tails” of the Afterlife –
True Stories of Ghost Pets

Author: Peggy Schmidt
Schiffer Books
ISBN #978-0-7643-3253-1

In “Tails” of the Afterlife author Peggy Schmidt talks about the connection that we have with our pets, and how this connection lasts even after they cross over. I was most impressed with what she calls our “heart animal” – that pet who stays with us throughout a lifetime, even after they have passed on. We may have other pets, but only one will be our “heart animal”.

Interspersed throughout the delightful stories in this book is well placed information on animal communicators, and what they can do for us. These animal psychics, if you will, can help locate lost animals, help us deal with our pet’s health issues, help us to understand the “why” behind behavior problems, and help us to communicate with pets that have crossed over. We are told that if we want to communicate with our animals (those who are still with us, as well as those that have crossed over) that the first thing we need to do is to ask permission. Common courtesy – but something that we need to remember to do.

It is quite interesting how Schmidt came to work with this material. Her “9-5” job has her leading tours at ghost sites, and she also helps research and write stories for Ghost Tours of America. All ghosts are not human – some are indeed from the animal kingdom! As she sought stories, she gathered quite a collection of very personal remembrances of how pets made a difference – in life and after they had crossed over – in their owner’s life.

The stories in this book are diverse – some about dogs, some about cats … with horses, birds and guinea pigs having their turn! The presentation is well done, starting with the type of animal (i.e. German Shepherd, or Maine Coon), their general qualities and characteristics, and then the story itself.

We read about Kelly, the Pembroke Corgi that continues to make her presence felt in her owners home, long after she crossed over. Then there is Sauci, the miniature Dachshund that reappeared at the bottom of the stairs after she crossed over, simply to make sure that her family was okay before she crossed over. (She tripped them then, as she always had in life!)

We read about Benny, the English Setter that continued to leave indentations in his favorite chair after he crossed over, and Harrison, the rescue Greyhound that visited his owners house on and off for several years after he passed on. There was Boo Boo, the Boston Terrier that appeared every time another pet was about to cross over.

There is Spanky, the Shepherd-Collie mix that still guars his owner’s home, long after his crossing. And there is Coco, a German Shepherd mix that herded his family into the living room in the middle of the night, during a terrible storm. As they were all standing in the living room a large tree fell, taking out two of the bedrooms.

The stories are heartwarming, and the information on both connecting with animals in this lifetime and in the afterlife acts as a doorway into a deeper understanding of how we connect with our pets. While this book is certainly entertaining, I also think that it is an incredible resource into animals, and animal communications. We owe it to our pets to learn as much as we can!

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