Celebration of Love Oracle Cards

Celebration of Love Oracle Cards

Author: Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan
Artist: Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan
Schiffer Books
ISBN #978-0-7643-3183-1

“Celebration of Love Oracle Cards” is a set of 60 cards, with companion book. The author’s intent in the creation of this deck was that the cards serve in the readers Highest Good, that they spark the intuitive process and promote a connection with the Divine. The cards are meant to celebrate everything in life through the purity of love.

A constant theme throughout the cards is that of living each moment with appreciation and gratitude – living in the present moment, and being aware of all that the Creator has given us. Sakmar-Sullivan notes that in working with these cards on a daily basis (i.e. drawing a card a day for guidance) helps us to raise our personal vibrational level, which allows us to make a greater impact on not only our own life, but on the lives of those around us.

In drawing a card a day, the companion book notes that we will always receive the card that expresses the vibrational level for the answers that we seek, and for what we need to know at any given time. Instructions are given for clearing and blessing the cards so that they can be used as sacred tools. The Seeker then holds the cards in his/her hands, and focuses on a question. With the question in mind, they then shuffle the cards. Any cards that fall out while shuffling are read after the primary card is read, to gain additional information.

It is strongly suggested that the Seeker try to connect with both the word on the card and the image in the card in an intuitive manner. Additional information can be gained from the companion book, which talks about the general energy of the card, and, in the section entitled Special Message, gives the Seeker an action to take that will help you hold the energy of the card throughout the day.

Instructions are given for drawing one card each day as a daily inspiration, and for using a three card Past/Present/Probable Outcome spread for further information. Instructions are also given for using the cards in a meditative manner.

The companion book presents the nature of the card, and the Special Message (action to be taken to place the energy of the card into your daily life), along with a black and white scan. From the book, for one of my favorite cards:


This image celebrates the transformational journey of our lives, the uniqueness and individuality that we all have. Our paths are different, but ultimately lead to the knowing that we are All One.

Take an inventory of your gifts, talents, hobbies and all that you love to do. Commit to choosing one and creatively expand on it to become a positive contributing factor for you and others. See it along the lines of part-time self-employment, opportunities for volunteering or just to bring a little bit more joy into your life.

Special Message: You are being inspired to honor and be grateful for the many gifts and talents the Divine has given you, no matter how big or how little you perceive them to be. They are there, find them and be joyously grateful for them.”

The cards themselves are approximately 3 3/8” by 4 7/8”, of glossy, good quality card stock. The backs are non-reversible, and show the image from the card Grounded (Divine Partnership: Energy of Creation). We see a tree, with its roots deep into mother earth, with its limbs bound around a male figure that is embracing a female figure. There is a white triangle with a red heart in the middle over the heart area of the female figure. In mid air, in front of the figures and facing them, is a Dove with its wings spread. Behind them is a rainbow, with a night sky showing stars and moon above it.

The faces show a dark blue background. At the top of the card, in large lavender letters is a word that exemplifies the energy of the card. At the bottom of the card, in small white letters, is the card title. A light lavender border surrounds the card images.

The cards include Transformation (Visions of Star Dolphin), Sharing (Light Priestess), Prosperity (Atlantian Priestess), Optimism (Unicorn Rainbow), Oneness (Breath of Light), Loyalty (Time Travelers), Joy (Reflections in Consciousness), Insight (Dance of the Crystaline Rainbow Fairies), Highest Potential (Door of Eternity: Angel of Choice), Faith (Guardian Angels), Empowerment (Peaceful Dreamer), Bliss (Spirit of the Sand and Sea), and Balance (Integration of Male/Female Aspects).

The artwork is an amazing combination of reality and fantasy, and presents very real doors to the worlds and energies being accessed. These cards are gentle, caring transports into the energies that we wish to access. They can be used by anyone, from any culture or background.

© July 2009

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