Uncovering the Tarot of the Masters

Tarot author/teacher James Ricklef recently came out with a print companion book to his self-published deck “Tarot of the Masters”. Entitled “Uncovering the Tarot of the Masters”, it assists in a deeper understanding of the cards, and the manner in which this deck might be used.

The deck itself is a collage inspired by classic paintings of the old masters (such as El Greco, Rubens and Toulouse-Lautrec. The book presents each card with a black and white scan, the artistic references, and a discussion of the images and meanings. The Major Arcana presentation includes quotes that suggest new interpretations for each card, and astrological associations.

There are two appendices – one for artistic references, and one that gives general references and a bibliography.

Book and deck are available through James Ricklef directly at www.jamesricklef.com.

© July 2009


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