Fred West – Tarot Survey

I am quite interested in many of the things that have come to me through becoming part of the Internet site Twitter. One of the projects that have come to my attention is a Tarot survey done by Tarotist Fred West (San Diego, CA). I admire not only his Tarot wisdom (he reads the Tarot professionally), but his ability to handle day to day life.

Fred developed quiet an inclusive Tarot survey through the auspices of several online Tarot communities. The results of this survey can be seen here –

This is an ongoing survey, and Fred will be continually updating his results. If you wish to take part in the survey, it can be found here – Tarot Survey.

Some of the things that Fred addressed were: age, gender, sexual identity, marital status, ethnicity, educational level, who you read for, primary interest in the Tarot (how you use it), experience level (how many years you have been reading), how you learned to read, preference for illustrated versus non-illustrated pips, use of reversals, what you use the Tarot for, if you use other divinatory disciplines, what your primary approach to Tarot is, what organizations you belong to, whether you are certified or not, the legality of readings in your area, attendance at organized Tarot conferences, symposiums or meetings, whether you listen to Tarot related Podcasts, and the most requested questions from clients.

All of these things are very pertinent to authors, artists, publishers, group and meeting organizers, and anyone else who wants to keep their eye on the pulse of the Tarot world. For those of you whose eyes glaze over looking at numbers, Fred is light years ahead of you! His presentation is done in full color, graphic format, making it easy to grasp and easy to work with.

I personally want to thank Fred for sharing this with me, and with the Tarot world. If you haven’t given your input yet, please do!

© July 2009

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