Tarot News

My first blog written specifically for Twitter’s “Publishing Monday”. I thought that I might talk about different things going on in the Tarot world that are of interest. I am going to start out with Stephanie Arwen Lynch’s summer “Tarot For Writer’s” workshops. (With due credit given to Corrine Kenner, who Tweeted Arwen’s classes, as her own “Tarot For Writer’s” group is on hiatus for the summer.) A “Hero’s Journey” workshop will be held in August, with Arwen’s basic Tarot For Writer’s workshop being held in September for the Florida Panhandle Romance Writers RWA chapter. More information can be found here: tarotbyarwen.com/blog/?p=1843.

I have to mention the Tarot Calendar site (www.tarotcalendar.com/) , created by Tarotist Amy Lamash. Amy’s site acts as a hub for Tarot evens around the world. If you wish to list your event, there is a form on her site. The announcement page contains information about events and general Tarot tidbits – and is about to become a blog that can be subscribed to so that you can be instantly notified of updates. Please read all the way down this page, as there is more info than there may seem at first! There is a separate listing for online events, and another one for video readings. This is a very powerful tool that is really not being taken advantage of. My suggestion would be to place your event here and reach a much larger audience! The Tarot Calendar is also on Face Book – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tarot-Calendar/105593672763 .

Jordan Hoggard has joined up with Abra, Sharon and Issac of Bee Wyrd to create JUPITERRA – a line of wearable art talismans based on the imagery from Jordan’s Mysterium Tarot. The card imagery is alchemically etched on copper in a salt-water solution. For more information, see JUPITERRA.

A really fun site to plan in – and hone your reading skills – is Kat Black’s “78 Friends” – 78friends.com/. Using the cards from Kat’s “Touchstone Tarot”, one can not only get a three-card reading, but can also put it up for comment by other members (this is a membership site). I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here ever since the site went up. J

James Wanless has a new (of ten – year duration!) project going on – the Green Wisdom Cards. Divided into themes (Elements, Flora, Fauna, and Human), this deck is based on “Nature’s Principles For Personal and Planetary Sustainability and Success”. Quite a nice presentation here – and, as always with James, a great deal of wisdom! The cards can be seen here – greenwisdomcards.com .

My final “find” for today is Ciro Marchetti’s new site – legacyofthedivinetarot.com . This is a site in progress, and will eventually be by subscription. What is already up is very cool, and works just as smoothly as the DVD for Ciro’s “Tarot of Dreams” deck. Enjoy!

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