Publishing Monday – Misc Tarot 7/27/09

Let’s start out with “The Ankh – Key of Life” (Weiser Books, 2007). I was very pleased to receive this set (Ankh Pendant and Book) at the 2009 Readers Studio. I have always loved the symbol of the ankh, and was intrigued that Weiser Books (who have used the Ankh as their symbol for as long as I have been aware of them as publishers) actually wrote a book on its background and use. It is written by their editors as a team, with a wonderful introduction by Lon Milo DuQuette. If you are interested in the meaning hidden within the design of the Ankh, how it can be used as a protective amulet, or even just general background – this is the book for you!

There is a wonderful newsletter out there that I have to recommend – it is entitled “Wings”, and is authored by Beth Owl’s Daughter. I had the very good luck to meet Beth at the 2009 Readers Studio, and she is truly a gracious, knowledgible person. Beth’s blog can be seen here Owl’s Wings.

This next lady many of you may know from Twitter, or from the 2009 Readers Studio. Her name is ELizabeth Genco Purvis, AKA “The Marketing Goddess” – The Marketing Goddess. Elizabeth works with her clients to help them define and achieve their life purpose, to draw with ease an abundance of clients, and to increase their income with “authenticity, grace and ease”.

Something that may make it that much easier to define your life purpose is a stunning Birth Card system developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School. There is an on-site Birth Card Calculator that calculates your birth cards for you (this system works with two birth cards, rather than one), and then takes you to a page that discusses your particular cards. This is a very cool tool to use in understanding people in your life – private or professional.

Jordan Hoggard and Mystereum Tarot have joined up with Abra, Sharon and Isaac of Bee Wyrd to create one of a kind etched metal talismans. You can get your birth cards in two versions – one side only (for those who do single birth cards), or double sided (for those who do two birth cards). Their work can be seen here JupiTerra Design.

I do have to mention at least one Tarot PodCast. 😉 There are many good ones out there, but the ones that I really enjoy right now are Stephanie Arwen Lynch’s monthly Tarotscopes, and the Tarot Pathways PodCast, co-hosted by Anastasia, Rose Red, Andrew and Artemis J. There is also a PodCast that is still up, but no longer being added to, and that is Magician’s Table, a writing PodCast that was co-hosted by Susan Gold and Evelyn Pine. I am sending up smoke signals in the hope that Leisa ReFalo also continues with her Tarot Connection PodCast!

Each Monday I will be publishing a new Tarot related blog – sometimes on specific topics, sometimes highlighting the work of others in the field. Next Monday will be a topic related blog – topic not yet chosen! Stay tuned!

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