A New Day

Thanks to Stephanie Arwen Lynch (@TarotByArwen), Twitter crossed my radar just before it became so immensely popular. I have found a wonderful home there, have made many new friends and have come across incredible working information in the Tweets from the people that I follow.

Therein lies the problem. I felt that if someone was following me, I should follow them (unless they were just too far out, or not really in my interest zone). At over 600 and counting, I decided to cut back to my main Tarot peeps, and a few other people that I truly enjoyed following. At under 150 people, I can actually see the Tweets that I want to see! That was a huge step, and a huge relief. Now I was enjoying Twitter again!

I have been engaging in #followfriday, and #women2follow out of respect for the people that I was following. I felt that they had something to offer, and that if I could bring them to the attention of others, this was an easy way to do it. This was a Martha Stewart “good thing”, until I realized that I was almost going into panic mode on Wednesday and Friday until I got out my appropriate Tweets. It reminded me of a time many years ago when I realized that every day I was driving to work with my teeth clenched – I loved my job, but my boss was a type A physician that was difficult for everyone to work with.

I looked at why I was engaging in the # scenario, and felt that it was for the right reason. But I had to admit that it was taking too much time, and that I also had reservations about the “air space” that these Tweets were taking up. I looked for a better way to show my respect for those that I felt had something to say.

I decided to stop doing the #followfriday and the #women2follow, and focus on responding to Tweets in a conversational manner, and on ReTweeting. In this way, I would be showing respect for my fellow Tweeter’s, and getting their information out there.

This works for me, although it may not work for others. Twitter is a social media, the same as Face Book, Linked In and My Space. Each of us has to define how we want to present ourselves, and what we want from each venue. While some people will work with the Twitter apps, enjoy doing so, and benefit from them, just chatting works for me. I can share what needs to be shared, and promote what needs to be promoted, within my personal time constraints and still enjoy myself.

For those that have been on my #followfriday and #women2follow lists, please do not regard this as disrespecting you. We will still chat, and I will still RT your Tweets! I would also ask, in turn, that I be taken off of your #followfriday and #women2follow lists. I deeply appreciate being there, but it is time to move on.

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