Goddess Energy

I recently had the privilege of reviewing Pamela Wells “Affirmations For the Everyday Goddess” (Independently Published, 2009, www.ArtmagicPublishing.com , which combines Tarot, Affirmations and Goddess energy. It is a 22 card Major Arcana deck with each of the archetypes portrayed in feminine form. This started me thinking about the various decks that I have worked with that are based on Goddess energy.

Wells discusses what she terms as “non-dual awareness”, which embraces both emptiness (masculine) and matter/form (feminine) aspects of being. An integrated self contains both the “being” and the “becoming”. She sees the feminine principle as reemerging in the collective consciousness of humanity. Feminine tasks are seen as the ability to look inward (to “see behind our eyes”), and integration (bringing all of our parts together). For Wells, the feminine is all about knowing ones self, imagery and truth. I found this a strong foundation for a very workable deck.

In the “Goddess Tarot” (Kris Waldherr, U.S.Games Systems Inc., 1997), each of the 22 Major Arcana is named after Goddesses from various backgrounds (i.e. Magic/Magician is Isis, Sacrifice/The Hanged Man is Kuan Yin, The Star is Innana). The impetus behind the creation of this deck was to present a tool of empowerment that was connected with the feminine energy in life. The very cool thing about this deck is that it is now an iphone app (http://www.artandwords.com/gtapp/index.html )!

Another deck that comes to mind is the “Triple Goddess Tarot” (Tara McKinney, Mara Friedman, Isha Lerner, Inner Traditions Bear & Co., 2002). This is a 26 card Major Arcana deck (the four extra cards are termed alchemy cards – Infinite Bliss, Infinite Truth, Infinite Potential, and Tinity), with the addition of seven Chakra cards. It is based on the energy of the Tarot archetypes, the chakra healing, and the divine feminine. The work presented in this book is based on a question that Isha Lerner posed: “What would it be like if I lived each day as if I were the Goddess?” This deck is focused on integrating spirit (the 26 Major Arcana cards) and the physical self (the seven chakra cards). Each image is accompanied by rituals, prayers and guidelines for invoking the Divine Feminine.

I have found that working with each of these decks brought something different to me. They helped me to grow in large part because of the tools of empowerment that they combined (and the gorgeous artwork they all contained!). There are times when we all (male and female) need to work with our feminine energy. We need to be able to accept ourselves as who we are, and be able to integrate those various selves.

Where does the Divine Femine fit into your life?

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