Affirmations For the Everyday Goddess

Affirmations For the Everyday Goddess –
Spiritual Guidebook & 22 Wisdom Cards For Contemplation & Prayer

Author: Pamela Wells
Artist: Pamela Wells
Independently Published – ArtMagicPublishing
ISBN #978-0-615-24049-7

We are, indeed, all Everyday Goddesses! To help us celebrate this, Wells has combined the archetypes of the Tarot with the art of Affirmations and the energy of the Divine Feminine. “Affirmations For the Everyday Goddess” is a 22 card deck and 110 page companion book set that presents each archetype in feminine form. This is a Collectors Edition, with the cards and box done in gold leaf overlay.

The companion book, entitled “Spiritual Guidebook For Contemplation & Prayer”, is much more than a presentation of the cards. In her introduction, Wells talks about understanding our life within a spiritual context, a context that gives us the answers to our own personal challenges. The purpose of this deck and book is to help us see our personal issues with greater clarity, and to explore life’s meaning and purpose. How much we learn, and the depth of what is revealed, is dependent upon our depth of study and intentional focus during contemplation, meditation and prayer.

The goddess imagery in this deck honors the highest aspirations of all beliefs, cultures, traditions, and religions, and celebrates the principle of the divine feminine. Affirmations are seen as tools for personal growth that can lead to positive re-imaging, taking personal responsibility, and recognizing your personal potential, amongst other things.

Wells gives suggestions for using the deck, for consecrating it, and for learning to recognize when your own intuition is kicking in. She addresses the archetypal energy of the cards, and the journey to self-knowledge. She discusses the concept of non-dual awareness, the return of the feminine (the Archetypal Goddess), and exploring our inner world (looking behind our eyes).

Each card is presented with a black and white scan, keywords, affirmation, a section on how to affirm each archetype, a list of questions for contemplation, an inspirational quote, sometimes a poem, an exercise, and a final question to ask of each of the archetypes.

Several of the exercises are presented as Tarot reading templates (The Emperor, Temperance, The Moon, and The Sun). Other exercises include writing your life story, making a mask, seeing behind the veil, archetypes and dreams, consciousness visualization, individuation with totem animals, learning from past choices, being of service, visualization embracing death, shadow work, and reconnecting to your joy.

At the end of the book there is a table listing each card and the wisdom prayer connected with each one.

The cards themselves are large – 3 ¾” by 5 ½”, glossy, and laminated, with rounded corners. The backs show a jungle scene, with lush green foliage, red flowers at the bottom of the card, and a jaguar coming straight out of the leaves, meeting the readers eyes. The backs are not reversible.

The card faces have a shimmery gold border (thanks to the gold leaf overlay), with the card number and title in black lettering at the top of he card, and the card affirmation at the bottom, also in black lettering. The titles are traditional, with the following exceptions: the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, and the Hanged Man becomes the Hanged One.

The models that posed for this deck are mothers, teachers, artists, therapists, students, lawyers, businesswomen and friends of Pamela Wells that have devoted their lives to the Goddess, service to others, and the well-being of the planet. The images are meant to portray strong, self-confident, powerful everyday goddesses.

The colors used in this deck are intense, but do not overwhelm the imagery. The imagery and symbols within the card are all part of the story, all meant to help the reader connect with their own feminine within. I was impressed by many things with this deck – the naturalness of the imagery, the flowing nature of the gowns that the women are wearing, and the repetition of symbols throughout the deck, such as the snake (seen in the Empress and the Tower), and birds (the Empress, the Emperor, the High Priest, the Wheel of Fortune, Death and the Star).

Specific cards that I was drawn to were the High Priestess (shown wearing a flowing black dress, holding her arms p over her head, with peacock eyes showing on the material flowing from her left arm, with the sky showing through the material flowing from her right arm), the Empress (a female figure surrounded by a wreath of greenery and red flowers, with an abundance of fruit held in her robes, the Lovers (a winged angel in white robes, gazing into a globe that she is holding sowing a male and female figure). the Hermit (which shows a night scene with a female figure in white robes walking through the forest holding a candle)), the Devil (showing a female figure emerging from the roots of a tree, roots that are connected to a male and female figure).

This is a deck that works well as a spiritual focus, for working with affirmations, and for doing personal work with each of the archetypes. It is also a collectors deck, and a deck that can be appreciated for its wonderful artwork and imagery. A unique feature of this deck is that it is also available as an iphone app –
( ).

This is an independently published (self-publishes) deck, that is of absolutely top quality. The box that it comes in is heavy duty, with a lift off top. The inside of the top shows a white background, with gold leaves. The bottom shows a gold background, with white words representing spirit (i.e. Divine, Yahweh, Infinite, Govinda). The top, sides and bottom of the box were all designed by Wells herself (a definite upside to independent publishing!). For more information about the process, see Well’s interview with Kris Waldherr – .

This is definitely a deck worth checking out! More than a deck, more than a series of affirmations – it is a tool of empowerment for anyone that chooses to work with it.

© August 2009

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