September 2009

We don’t give readings in a vacuum. Whatever is going on of a seasonal nature, whatever grief mother nature is giving us, whatever the positions of the planets brings (such as retrograde energy), these will all affect our readings. It behooves us to pay attention – to drag the calendar out and check a month or two ahead. In this way we will know when Mercury goes retrograde, when a Blue Moon is going to occur, when the New and Full Moons are, when the change of season comes into play – all the neat stuff that makes up life.

We can place this information in our newsletters, post it as conversation on Twitter and Face Book (Linked In could care less!), post an article on our site or write a blog (yes, like this one!) that shares what the upcoming energies are. If we read in person or through e-mail, we might want to make some kind of handout for our clients.

September is going to be quite an interesting month. We have a Mercury retrograde in Libra, moving into Virgo (with the Sun in Virgo), and a unique energy day on September 9th (the 09/09/09 that is popping up everywhere!). The retrograde energy starts on September 7th, and lasts until September 29th. (It is also the fourth Mercury retrograde in 2009 – usually we only experience three in any given year.)

Retrograde energy means that we need to pay attention to all forms of communication, anything having to do with travel, and things mechanical – such as forms of transportation, fax machines, printers … all the things we depend on daily! With the retrograde energy in Libra, we will be looking at relationships and the quality of harmony in our lives. When it moves into Virgo, we will be focusing on accountability and the ability to analyze the issues in our lives.

The energy of September 9th (09/09/09) still carries the retrograde issues, but takes us deeper into acknowledging and resolving issues from the past. The quality carried by the number nine is that of humanitarianism, equality, justice, idealism, creative thinking, compassion, and selflessness. As the last single digit number, it can be seen as the number of completion.

Add to this a more esoteric thought – on 09/09/09 some believe that earth will receive a charge of spiritual light energy that will anchor it in spiritual love. This surge of energy will bring into consciousness negative energy from the past, negative beliefs that we have developed and accepted, and issues that we have not gotten resolution to. This is going to create a lot of chaos – especially if we choose to fight it. If, on the other hand, we choose to work with it, we can bring resolution to these past issues and move on, having learned our lessons.

The energy of 09/09/09 is considered universally to be conducive to relationship. To that end, many couples worldwide are planning to be married specifically on this day.

What can I say – September should bring readers a boatload of customers, with a myriad of issues to deal with. A little preparation, and we should be able to help a great many people!

© August 2009

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