Workplace Spells

Workplace Spells –
Everyday Magick on the Job

Author: Marla Brooks
Schiffer Books
ISBN #978-0-7643-3136-7

There have certainly been times in my life when I wish that I had known how to do spell work in connection with my workplace/career. Not to wreak havoc, but to take control (even in a small way) of what was going on around me. Marla Brooks has written just such a book – 51 ready made spells, a “How To” section on creating your own spells, along with sections on herbs, amulets, divination, gemstones, and incense (all of which can be used as tools in performing spells).

Brooks is a practicing Wiccan who also works as a paranormal investigator and ghost writer. In her introduction she gives a short history of Wicca, along with an explanation of the Wiccan Rede “An Ye Harm None”. She also emphasizes the concept of the Law of Three, which states that any energy that we send out (positive or negative) will return to us threefold (in the same manner that it was sent). If we send out negative energy, that is what we will get back. If we send out positive energy, that is what we will get back. I want to note here that the spells in this book are tools of empowerment for the individual using them, and they are positive in nature.

Emphasis is placed on the fact that we all have the power within us to perform spells. Anyone from any culture, from any religious background can use this book to their benefit. The performing of spells is a tool, to be used wisely.

In the beginning of the book Brooks talks about creating your own spells. The first thing that needs to be done is to set the intent, and then gather items that represent the goal of the spell. These could be candles of a certain colors, herbs, oils, amulets gemstones, or whatever you wish to work with. (Note: There are sections at the end of the book, where associations are given for Candle Magick, Magickal Herbs, Magickal Amulets, Animals and Insects, Birds, Nature, Magickal Divination, Magickal Gemstones, Magickal Properties of Incense and Oil, Pagan Deities, and Spirit Guides.)

There is a section showing how to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual (although this ritual is not necessary to successfully cast a spell), the purpose of the ritual tools, and how to raise energy.

Specific spells are included for things like anxiety, attracting customers, banishing obstacles, getting a raise, productivity, clarity, communication, computers, confidence, difficult tasks, getting to work on time, gossip, harmony, inspiration, job interviews, promotion, releasing stress, finding the job of your dreams and more.

Each spell includes why you are performing the spell, the tools that you will need, instructions on performing the ritual, a short, specific chant, and actions to be taken after the ritual has been performed. The writing is very down to earth, lucid, and easy to follow. The spells are all performed in the individual’s own home, and not at work (which could prove to be problematic).

Did I mention that there are beautiful, full color photo’s throughout? This is a gorgeous book!

I found this to be a valuable resource, and I think that others will too!

© September 2009

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