Wisdom of the Hidden Realm

“Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” Oracle Cards

Author: Colette Baron-Reid
Artist: Jena DellaGrottaglia
Hay House
ISBN #978-1-4019-2842-6

“Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” is a delightful 44-card oracle deck and companion book set from author Colette Baron-Reed and artist Jena DellaGrottaglia (Hay House, 2009). The introduction starts out “Imagine … From the oldest cultures on earth, ancient myths and legends tell of powerful, magical beings that have existed as our trusted allies, protectors and advisors. It is said that they’ve lived alongside humanity since time began, yet in another dimension separated only by a thin, etheric veil. Angels, Faeries, Nature Spirits, and others walked between the worlds and beside us openly for a time. They served with us as co-creators of the bridge between the realms of the Spirit and those on earth.”

The promise made by these beings was that if their likenesses and names were summoned, they would be there to guide and assist us. That is the premise of this deck. The Guidebook explains how to use the cards (their purpose), and how to do a reading. Single-card and three-card reading templates are presented, along with examples.

The cards are presented with black and white scans, keywords, and how the energy of the card can function as both an ally and a challenger. From the book: “The Word Lord – communication, praise, dishonesty”. As an ally, this card functions to let the Seeker know that positive things will come of all interactions. As a challenger, this card warns the Seeker of untruths, of denial, and of unsupported thoughts and words.

Other cards in this deck include The Spirit Whisperer, The Dream Walker, The Shadow Queen, The Resting Tree, and The Horse King. Each card represents some aspect of life, some energy that we can call on to help us, or perhaps some energy that we need to be a bit waryl of.

The cards are 3 ½” by 5”, and of good quality, glossy card stock, with a beautiful gilt edge. The come in s sturdy cardboard box with a lift-off top. The card backs are done in gray and white, and represent an archway, resting in the clouds, with an angelic being at the top and back of it, with bird-like figures circling the right hand side of the archway.

The card faces show the name of the energy/deity, followed by its keywords. The scenes are bordered by a golden arch. The art style is mystical/fantasy, very gently drawn, with wonderful symbolical imagery (such as the white lotus in The High Lord of Gratitude and Service, the spiral on The Spiral Dancer, the owl in The Well Watcher, the energy coming from the wand in The Ringmaster of Scrutiny, the feathers in The Hawk Prince, the lion in The Desert Prince, the swan in The Wise Woman of Wonderland, and the snow white owl in The Ice Queen.

This is an empowering oracle, and one that can be used by individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

© September 2009


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