I’ll Trade My Sorrow

I’ll Trade My Sorrow –
Trading the Pain of Yesterday For
A Journey That Frees Your Soul

Author: Cynthia Primm
Higher Life
ISBN #978-1-935245-09-4

“I’ll Trade My Sorrow” is a collection of poems written over a period of thirty years, beginning in adolescence. Born to an alcoholic mother and an emotionally distant, violent father, Primm found out very early in life that poetry was the one avenue that helped her deal with the overwhelming pain in her life.

Before each section of poetry (which is the time in her life in which it was written) Primm offers a brief narrative of what was going on in her life at that time. While the poems alone are quite evocative, placing them in the context of what was going on in her life gives them added perspective and depth.

It also does something else – it allows the reader to identify with the process that Primm went through, and gives them hope that they can heal also. These poems are all about looking for love and acceptance outside of ones self, and coming to the realization that healing needs to start with self-love.

Primm put herself through college, married, had children, and built a solid career – all the while dealing with her shadow demons. Through sharing her story, she gives other women a solid foundation upon which to find their own road to self discovery and self-love.

© October 2009

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