Personal Responsibility

Sitting here listening to Ginny Hunt on Leisa ReFalo’s “Tarot Connection”. Good background for reviewing the things that have been coming my way lately. I have been perusing Tarot blogs, and noticing how they inter-relate with social media venues, such as forums, groups, Face Book and Twitter. I remember “way back when”, and how interaction on forums and groups was generally handled within the group, or discussed through personal e-mail. Fights broke out, fights were resolved, and, in general, everyone survived. There was a certain amount of moderation – both by the forums/groups and by individuals of themselves.

Now what I see is people addressing what may or may not be inappropriate activity within forums/groups on professional blogs. Sometimes this is done under the auspices of “What do you think?”, or “Do you want to talk about this?” IMHO, there has to be a better way to start a discussion, or find a blog topic. Actions taking place within a forum/group need to be handled within that forum/group. If you find actions by one or more individuals divisive, then take it up with them. If you cannot find resolution, then one option is to leave the forum/group, and perhaps to start another forum/group of your own. Taking the issue into cyberspace won’t resolve anything.

This takes my thinking to personal responsibility on the Internet. We have to be personally responsible for what we say/do. One we choose to speak, once we choose to act, there are going to be repercussions.

One other thing that happened recently has me reassessing many things. A well known New Age author/speaker recently held a purification ceremony near Sedona, AZ, for over sixty people. This was part of a multi-day group learning experience. It went tragically wrong – at least one person died, and several more were treated at the scene, and/or taken to the hospital. There may have been safety concerns involved, which may lead to criminal charges.

How we choose to do what we choose to do is very important. I am still assimilating this whole thing. I want to thank @LlucyD on Twitter for bringing this latter information to my attention. Her blog on this can be seen here:

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