Halloween Tarot Spread

I just a few days we will be celebrating Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain). I thought that I would like to create two things: a Tarot reading, and a Tarot meditation. On the one night of the year that the veil between the worlds is the most transparent, our readings can be scary real!

I defined the positions as follows:

1. My conscious self on this night.
2. My unconscious self on this night.
3. What my Guides want to tell me.
4. What the Void wants to tell me.
5. What I need to take from this night.

I set the positions as follows:

1 2
3 4

Please note: card number five should be in between the two columns of numbers. If anyone knows how to center something on Word Press, please let me know!

The following cards showed up: (From Robert Place’s “Alchemical Tarot Renewed”)

1. Six of Staffs
2. Two of Swords
3. King of Vessels
4. Queen of Coins
5. Nine of Vessels

The Six of Staffs in the position of the conscious self indicates self-confidence, and movement towards a specific goal. The Seeker is on a journey, and will be both respected and honored for their work. Very much a “take charge” position!

The Two of Swords in the position of the unconscious self indicates that the Seeker may be blocking their emotions. They are also juggling many things at the same time. This is a note from the inner self to pay attention – stay in the present and pay attention! (I love the Owl between the two crossed swords in this deck!) This is also a time when the Seeker should question anything and everything.

The message from the Seeker’s Guides is coming from the King of Vessels. Quite the charmer, he is telling the Seeker to open up to the possibility of love, and to express their creative nature. Those two energies are very good at feeding off of each other, and creating magic! (This is also a card of finding one’s inner power.)

From the Void, the Queen of Coins is telling the Seeker to rule well over their physical environment, and the people and things in it. The Seeker needs to nurture their environment, and then trust that they are safe and protected. Interesting that she is facing away from the King of Vessels in this deck. She is fixed on the cornucopia of life’s abundance that she balances in her right arm. Leave the emotions to the King! But should she?

The Nine of Vessels in the position of what the Seeker needs to take from this night indicates that the Seeker indeed is going to have their wishes fulfilled! Woo Hoo! Interesting – while the Queen distained her emotions, the Seeker is being advised from the Void to express them! In Place’s card, the Seeker is at the top of their game, standing on top of the hill the backdrops the nine vessels. Be Creative – visualize your biggest dreams – enjoy your success! This is a card of confidence!

For the meditation, I defined the following positions. Lay the three cards out, left to right, and spend some time meditating on the to candle light – or the light of the Hermit’s pumpkin!

1. The Seeker’s physical world.
2. The message from the void.
3. The Seeker’s spiritual world.

I placed the cards from left to right:

1 2 3


© October 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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