Samhain Readings

I did my Samhain readings at midnight – the perfect time! Glass of wine in hand, pumpkin glowing, I sat down with two decks – Kat Black’s “Touchstone Tarot” ( Ellen Lorenzi Prince’s “Tarot of the Crone” ( By my side I had Ari Stones “Tarot Journal (,) to record the readings in.  

I asked two questions of each deck:

     1. What do I need to know on this night?

     2. A personal question.


I did three card draws for each question, reading them as a story, rather than trying to define positions. The information that came through was very “in your face” – as one expects it to be on this night of nights! I am to be sure of what I want, and then to walk that path with passion.

After an hour or so, I did a second set of readings, with Bob Place’s “Vampire Tarot” (, and Robyn Tisch-Hollister’s “All Hallows Tarot” ( I did three card reading using the same questions.

Everything was recorded in Ari Stone’s “Tarot Journal” ( I love this journal, because there is a blank page to place the spread on (and small stickers in the back of the journal to list the card drawn and the position, and then paste on the spread page).

I did not do comparative readings – I treated each reading separately. And I got to play with the Happy Squirrel twice – once in the “Touchstone Tarot”, and once in the “All Hallows Tarot”!

It was a fun night, and a night where I got my butt kicked with “do this!” wisdom. I want to thank all of the lovely people that made this possible – who are leaving large footprints int he Tarot world: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Kat Black, Bob Place, Robyn Tisch-Hollister, Ari Stone, Leisa ReFalo, and the ubiquitous Happy Squirrel!

© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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