All Hallows Tarot

All Hallows Tarot


Author: Robyn Tisch-Hollister

Artist: Robyn Tisch-Hollister

Tarot Connection



The “All Hallows Eve” Tarot is a modern version of a Halloween themed Tarot, with goths, ghosts, mediums and more. Drawn on blank playing cards, it was meant to be a one of a kind deck, sold to the highest bidder on e-bay, to raise money for the artist’s mother’s medical expenses.  It drew a great deal of attention on the Aeclectic forum, and has now morphed into a print deck, due to popular demand. (I love popular demand!)

I loved Robyn’s take on what the deck was meant to be – a doorway into a world where things were not as solid or real as our physical world – a world where the images are meant to evoke all things mysterious. In her images, she also included those individuals that are “off the radar, of t he main stream, and on the edge. What she terms the “Autumn People”. 

There are eighty cards to the deck – the traditional 78 cards, plus the Happy Squirrel (this is the second deck where the Happy Squirrel has made an appearance, the first being Kat Black’s “Touchstone Tarot”) and an informational card. The deck comes wrapped in black and orange tissue paper, and a Halloween themed cellophane bag. There are some really cute goodies that come with the deck, all Halloween themed. Great presentation! 

The cards are 3.65” by 2.65”, with reversible backs, showing a blue background, a bright orange full moon, and a middle section of green grass with a tree at one end and white, monolith type sgtructures at the other end. The card faces show a white border, with a reddish-brown section at the bottom for the card title. The Major Arcana show the Roman numeral and the card title, the Minor Arcana Pips (numbered cards) show the Arabic numeral and the suit name, while the Curt cards show the card title and suit.

The Major Arcana titles are traditional,  with Strength as VIII and Justice as XI. The suits are titled Wands, Cups, Swords and Discs, while the Court cards are  entitled Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The cards come in a beautiful black satin bag with orange seams and a large gold sun on either side. There is a downloadable LWB (Little White Book) on the Tarot Connection site. It is text only, with a sentence or two on the nature of the card, along with the card meaning. From the book:’

High Priestess – The Priestess is mystery, feminism, magic and moonlight. Her secret is shared only when you are ready.

Meaning: Mystery, hidden, secrets, answers”

Each suit has its own page, with a full color image of the Ace. Meanings are listed for each of the Pips and Court cards.

At the end of the book Robyn shares a five card spread entitled “Trick or Treat”. I love this spread – remember to read it all the way through before you lay it out. Where the cards are drawn from after the shuffle is indicated – and intriguing!

The artwork in this deck is along the whimsical, fantasy line. using intense coloring. Some of my favorite cards are the Ace of Wands (which shows a black cat sitting behind a deep burgundy candle), the Seven of Discs (which shows a figure waiting in front o a section of either washer or dryers in a laundromat, with a clock on hte wall above them), The Fool (which shows a figure dressed in red, holding a white rose in the right hand, and a walking stick with a wallet hanging from it over their left shoulder).

Other interesting cards include the Hermit (a figure wearing a pumpkin head), the Queen of Discs (a teacher standing in front o a chalk board, holding a Disc with the Egyptian Eye symbol on it. The Eight of Wands shows a ghost horse and rider moving through the forest.

The Happy Squirrel is not meant to be used in readings, but some people are leaving it in their deck. I place it above the reading, and have it represent the Seeker.

This deck would be interesting for collectors, those interested in Halloween themed decks,  those that like whimsical/fantasy art, or those just looking for a nice, gentle deck.

© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet


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