Health Care Legislation Passed

On Saturday, November 7th, 2009 the House passed the much ballyhooed Health Care Legislation. This is the first step in the process – now it moves on  to the Senate, then the Senate version moves back to the House. It is monumental that this legislation passed, and it has a long road to go. I decided to draw a few cards and let them tell the story of the legislation as it stands now in the process. I did not define the positions – nor am I defining the number of cards to be drawn. It will begin where it does, and end where it does. Enjoy!


Six of Cups: This legislation was really a joint effort – although no Republican is going to admit this. (BTW – One Republican did vote for it.) Even amongst the Democrats, opinions were divisive. One evidence of road-kill – payments for abortions. They will not be paid for under this bill.

 The Empress – Very evident to me, although others may not think so. This is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and represents the efforts that she took to shepherd this legislation through. Look at it this way – Steel Magnolia (although Ms Pelosi is not southern!).

 Four of Wands – This legislation is a marriage of differing ambitions, ideas and goals, It is a small respite of peace and harmony until the debate begins anew in the Senate.

The Lovers – Opposites have been brought together, to the benefit of the whole.

 Four of Swords –  This is a time to sit back and reflect on the next phase. There will be changes, that is a given. Our legislators will need to go within themselves to balance states needs against the needs of the country.

Knight of Pentacles – Our legislators will act in a forward and skillful manner, using the wisdom that they have gained to fine tune the bill into workable form.


What do we need to know about this legislation?

Eight of Cups – Quite literally, progress is being made on this project!

© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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