Friday the 13th

Welcome to Friday the 13th! For some people, myself included, this is just another day. For other people, in varying degrees, there is a sense of scariness, of fear of the unknown, of something really, really bad happening.

In 2009 there were three Friday the 13th’s – one in February, one in March, and now one in November. We will not see that again until 2015.

In some cultures, the number 13 is considered unlucky – to the point that there is no 13th floor in their high rise buildings. In some cultures, Friday itself is considered to be an unlucky day. Combine the two into one event, and … well, you have some extreme angst!

There are also the usual Friday the 13th “precautions” – don’t walk under a ladder, and don’t let a black cat cross your path. Now – if you are walking under ladders on any day of the week, you need to get a life! The black cat – well, the cat more than likely dos not want to cross your path either! 😉

If you really are anxious about this day, I do hope that you stayed home. You would not be able to concentrate driving, working, or even crossing busy streets. Best to stay home, and find something to do that brings you joy. Do not stay in bet – you won’t be able to get the negative thoughts about this day out of your mind.

I drew three cards for this day, to better help us understand its energy. The deck used was Kat Black’s “Touchstone Tarot”, because it was the one that wanted to speak. 😉

Queen of Wands  Knight of Swords   Four of Coins

This was not intentional, believe me, but this lovely Queen is holding a black at in her lap! 😉 There is a sense of confidence and passion in this card. Go about your day with confidence – there really is nothing to fear.

For some reason the Knight of Swords brought to mind Bob Place’s “Vampire Tarot”, which is the deck that I had intended to use (until the “Touchstone” started screaming at me! Quite a scary gentleman, with that sword in his hand. One could certainly expect bad, underhanded things from him! Kat describes him as a brilliant warrior who is not afraid of the harsh truth. The harsh truth on this day IMHO is the shadows that we place on it – and they are only our own personal shadows.

The Four of Coins – carrying on with the black theme, the figure in this card is dressed in a black velvet dress. Material success – at a price. On this day, how are your fears affecting your decisions? Tread softly.

Enjoy this day, with all of its intrigue!


© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “Friday the 13th

  1. Tarot Dynamics is in complete agreement with your assessment! As with any 8 and especially Card 8 your inner strength can help you meet virtually any challenge that might arise or make the most of each opportunity. Whereas the Eight of Cups urges you to revel in your individuality today—, the 10 of Cups echoes that, and also reminds you that the less restricted you feel today by anyone or anything thee more good you can receive and accomplish. All in all, the cards very much support your decision to enjoy today and pay no mind to the more traditional superstition and negativity connected with Friday the 13th because this one, has no power over you, my friend. Nifty, REALLY nifty deck!

    Warm Smiles, Anna Cook

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