Listening to the Commodores “XX No Tricks” CD. This is one of my latest joys – reconnecting with the music from my misspent youth. I am slowly adding new CD’s covering a variety of genre’s – great fun! Music is definitely opening up my life!

Re-prioritizing projects – finishing some, starting others. Where will Tarot be in all of this? Quite frankly – aside from reviews, the very occasional interview, and maybe an e-book or two, (or a print book – in the distant future), it will move to the personal side of my life – spiritual work, ritual and ceremony, the occasional reading for a friend.  

I surprised even myself with another decision – to return to Las Vegas to live. I lived there for 17 years, then moved back to WA, where my family lives. I have been focusing on a move to Eugene, OR, but many blocks have been coming up.While even I don’t understand this, a return to Las Vegas seems to be “in the cards”, so to speak.

Taking a side-trip into studying hypnotherapy (as background for future mystery books), and moving into studying BOTA (starting with coloring the cards).

We never know where our paths will take us, do we?

© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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