A World of Gifts

Well, this is the second time I have started on this blog – the first time my laptop crashed! Darn ting seems to be doing that on a daily basis lately! The site we are visiting today came under my radar with the publication of the “Tarot Lover’s Diary”. paranormality.com is a site focused on all things paranormal (hey – some people actually place Tarot in this category, so don’t turn tail and run just yet!). There is a world of information here on all topics paranormal.

This is also a wonderful place to shop. There is the “Tarot Lover’s Diary”, which I have kept on my desk and worked with throughout this past year (and the 2010 version is sitting there, ready to go!). This is a wire-bound calendar – and so much more! There are illustrations from the upcoming, limited edition Paranormality Tarot Deck that can be cut out and used as a working mini-deck, samples of popular Tarot spreads, upright and reversed meanings … and more!

There is also a “Tarot Lover’s Notebook”, also wire-bound, which also contains illustrations from the upcoming, limited edition Paranormality Tarot Deck. It also contains upright and reversed meanings, information and associations for each Major Arcana card, samples of some of the more popular spreads, and room for keeping notes.

Other gift items include amulets and seals, jewelry, a sheet of Tarot card meanings, and a Chinese star signs sheet. There is something here for everyone!

Please note – Paranormality gives a ten percent discount to Tarosophy members!


© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet  

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