Tarot Bags

What a huge part of the Tarot world are Tarot bags! We do want to store our decks in the most chic manner possible, after all! http://www.tarottotes.com/ is a well known site for Tarot bags … what you might not know is that they also carry Tarot cards and Futhark Rune sets!

There is an amazing variety of Tarot bags – from embellished bags (such as the embroidered “Raising Power” bag), to Regency bags (double draw and Gusseted), to themes such as Mage, Shield, Ishtar and Moonlight.

Gifts under $10 include a Cell/MP3 holder, a notebook/journal, Runes and mini-Tarot bags and small Tarot bags.

There is a fantasy padded case set (padded case and spread cloth) that is to die for!

The “Goddess Oracle” is also available from this site.

Quality material – so many decisions to make here! Enjoy!

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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