Made To Order Tarot Bags has been in business for over ten years. Owner RoseFairy offers a complete line of materials, including velvet, silk, satin, cotton prints, and rare King Arthur and Flower Fairy prints.

A huge bonus on this site – RoseFairy is willing to discuss creating Tarot bags and spread cloths on commission so that whatever special needs an individual has can be met.

Bags and spread cloths can be viewed on RoseFairy’s e-Bay store – Here you will find elegant wall quilts (to die for!), hand made Tarot bags in a variety of themes, with both cotton and silk lining. (I love silk lining!), spread cloths and wand, crystal and pendulum bags.

I am bookmarking this site as a preferred gift site – it offers a wide range of quality products, for gifting to others as well as “from me, to me” gifts to self. 🙂

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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