Christmas Themed Tarot

I was so pleased to see a Christmas themed Tarot deck coming out. Tarot author/teacher Corrine Kenner has gifted the Tarot community with a Majors only Victorian themed digital deck, based on Victorian Christmas cards.

Scans from the deck, along with an introduction, can be see here –

Corrine has written a 45 page Guidebook that is available as a printable download with the deck, including commentary on the cards and a short section on reading with them.

There is also a really well done video on that shows each of the cards, with Christmas themed music in the background.

I am impressed with not only the high quality of this deck, but the thoughtfulness of presenting a Guidebook of equally high quality. I also need to mention that there is imagery for the card backs, so that both the back and the front of each card can be printed out, laminated, and made into a physical deck (which I already see several people talking about doing!).

The price is more than doable, at $2.09 (this is a special holiday price – the normal price is $9.99). And there is more – on the download page (once the deck has been purchased), there are options to purchase Tarot related e-books from Corrine.

The deck, the Guidebook, the marketing – it is all top quality! Pay attention, Tarot peeps! This is wonderful material, and a wonderful lesson in how to bring a product to market!

Last, but not least – there are two bonus cards that are free to download (coming from the “Krampus” Christmas cards placed on Face Book by Tarotist/author/illustrator Kat Black). What more can we ask for! Bravo!

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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