Classes & More

Tarot author/teacher/reader Corrine Kenner offers a wonderful depth of material in multiple venues. In a previous post, I brought you her lovely Christmas themed digital Tarot deck. There are many more things to consider in Corrine’s world!

There are specialized creativity readings for writers, traditional Tarot readings, books (“Tarot For Writers”, “Simple Fortunetelling”, “Tarot For Romance”, “The Epicurean Tarot”, the “Ma’at Tarot Workbook”, “Crystals For Beginners”, “Strange But True”, “Tarot Journaling”, “Wizards Tarot”, and  “Coffee Cup Guides”), downloadable e-books (“How To Teach Tarot”, “Festivals and Fairs”, “Free Advertising”, “Make Money At Parties”, “Tarot For Children”, and “Create A Collage Tarot”), and astrology for writers (several different types of astrology reports).

Something here for everyone! Enjoy!

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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