Major Publishing Site – Shopping Is Fun!

For those of us who love books and love decks – a major publishing site is like being in nirvana! Today’s site is Llewellyn Publications (– a name that is well known to my Tarot peeps!

Llewellyn carries its own range of Tarot books and decks, Astrology books, other oracle books and decks, a wide range of nature and Pagan based books, books on health and healing, Magick, the paranormal, Self-Help, and divination, as well as a line of books in Spanish. They also carry calendars, datebooks, planetary guides … and more!

Llewellyn also carries the Tarot inventory from Lo Scarabeo, an Italian publishing company that does some very unique Tarot and oracle decks. is a fun place to roam around, and a great place to do some intense shopping!

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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