The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve – the night before Christmas – is upon us. Where on earth did this whole year go! It flew off at warp speed “somewhere”! For most of the month of December I have been bringing you different people and different sites that offer Tarot goods and services.

Many of the names you will have recognized, many are from my wonderful cadre of “Twitterati” friends. They all have something in common – they offer Tarot readings, decks, books, bags, art and more. These make excellent gifts for family and friends, as well as “from me, to me” energy.

I hope that you have taken the time to visit my blog and see what is being offered in the world of Tarot, If you have not,  please read through the posts for December – they are short, and offer a look into many different points of light in the Tarot world!

Wishing each of you a wonderful Holiday Season!



© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

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