Christmas With Fantastical Creatures!

One of my “from me, to me” Christmas presents this year was Lisa Hunt’s gorgeous “Fantastical Creatures Tarot”. It literally came wrapped as a Christmas present – so I kept it on my credenza, to be opened on Christmas Day (although our tradition is to open presents on Christmas Eve).  Somehow I knew that this deck needed sacred space – to be opened with a sense of honor and respect. I was sooooo right!

Lisa’s art is breathtaking! It is not simply talent – although heaven knows Lisa has that in abundance! It is that through her art she reaches levels of wisdom that deserve attention and respect. Her art is more than high quality, more than good spacing, more than esthetically  pleasing – it is a journey, and every time you take that journey, you learn something new.

The Fool becomes a two headed serpent (Amphisbaena), seated atop a barren tree (the Tree of Life, perhaps?). The Magician is a winged cat, seated with front paws on his/her wand! The High Priestess is a powerful winged cobra (Ua Zit). The High Priest, portrayed as the Arabian Ruhk (a very large bird!). This is one of the strongest interpretations of the High Priest that I have ever seen! The Chariot is portrayed as two Centaurs in the night sky.

This deck took my breath away. I feel that it was meant to come to me now – at a time when I am going through enormous changes and need an “envelope pushing” deck to walk with me.

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “Christmas With Fantastical Creatures!

  1. woley says:

    I too ordered this deck. I’ve been trying to get it in Canada since last December. Ah, the satisfaction of finding the deck you’ve been interested in for a year!

    I have been working on and off with the Lord of the Rings Tarot this year and the Poetic Edda, and was reminded of the Fenris Wolf recently in one of those studies, and that’s the card that made me want to buy the Fantastical Creatures deck when I discovered it a year ago.

    Since I got a nudge again, I managed to find a deck at Book Depository and order one with free shipping as a bonus. I’m still waiting to receive my copy, but I generally love the exploration and learning connected to mythology so I look for expansive decks like this.

    I find Lisa’s artwork always a bit different, always full of meaning and depth. I agree with you that it’s not just the artwork, it’s the wisdom she pours into the imagery.

    Yes, and it was obviously meant to come to me at this time too. One wonders what will unfold. . . ??

    (Long-winded, but passion will out 😉

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