Capricorn New Moon Ritual/Journey

I like to use both the Full Moon and the New Moon for ritual and journey purposes. I use them both in very much the same way – to work on whatever I am working on, rather than limiting the New Moon to beginning endeavors and the Full Moon to bringing things to a close and/or releasing them.

January is the first month of my personal year, as well as the first month of the calendar year. This is a number eight personal year for me, over which I note the energy of the Empress, as 2010 carries the energy of the Empress, and her attention to detail and nurturing skills.

My chart carries five planets in Capricorn – including my Sun and Moon. So a Capricorn moon is a special time for me. I went into the evening thinking that I would do ritual and then journey at 11 pm. (I prefer to do this between 11 pm and MN.) For personal reasons, I never felt the time was right until 3 am – and then things went swimmingly well!

I ended up placing 11 Tarot cards around my alter (which I had not planned to do), and used all four elemental incenses (from Leisa ReFalo – The deck that I used is one that I seldom read from, but that called to me – the “Margarete Peterson Tarot”.

My journey produced some interesting results – including a crying baby that I was told was my Inner Child, along with a way to heal that Inner Child (along the path that I am already on).

As for many people, this year will be one of immense change for me. The New Moon ritual and journey (I almost always do them together) was informative and healing at the same time. I was reassured that I was moving in the right direction … and to keep on moving!

© January 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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