Commodores Live!

Thanks to my sister, I had the awesome opportunity this past weekend to attend a Commodores concert. What an event! Okay … breathe, breathe, breathe! Start at the beginning. We went to my sisters house, dropped off my stuff, and then went out to dinner. I got brave, and agreed to a Thai restaurant. Beautiful atmosphere, fantastic food! My sister had a vegetarian platter, while I had cashew chicken with vegetables. This particular restaurant offers different levels of hot (Thai food is known to be spicy!) – I got mine with no spices, and it was so incredibly good! I could only eat half the platter (they serve a lot!), so I took the rest back to my sisters. (Unfortunately, when I forgot it there when I went home!)

Then we were off to the concert. Straight down I-5, no problem. We snagged the right exit, no problem. Yo – there is the casino, on the right hand sideof the freeway! We note that in time to take the right hand turn off the exit. (The Map Quest directions said to turn left. Pffttt!)

We are now in the parking lot – a HUGE parking lot. (They evidently don’t believe in a parking structure.) No parking spaces available. It is dark, and we have to try and avoid the people walking toward the casino. We drive around, and finally go back to the far rear of the back forty! Whew – found a space! Traipse on down to the casino (long walk, that!). Enter casino (where neither of us have ever been), and start looking for the showroom. We decide asking is the best policy, and are told to “walk straight back”. We walk straight back – into the next county, I swear! From the outside the casino does not look that big! Then we walk back some more.

Okay, there’s security. Good – they are letting people into the showroom. Up the escalator. I don’t know what the room capacity is, but it is a big room. Lots of security, and lots of casino personnel to help us find our seats.  Ticket Master lied – our seats are not on the right hand side of the stage (to my relief, actually!),  but they are also not the end seats. No matter – the lovely people in the end seats stand up graciously, and we slide in. (BTW – the casino representative that we asked to help us find our seats did not just point them out – she took us over there.)

Now we wait … and wait … and wait. One of the big screens on either side of the stage is dead, the other is promo’ing future events, and casino eating areas. Shadowy figure on the stage, checking equipment. Yes, we are getting close! Sister points out all the people coming in to be seated. Okay, we have to wait for them to find their seats. Chatting and watching the crowd. Interesting people everywhere. Couple in front of us and to our left needed to go get a room, according to my sister. I agreed. They started even before the show – and they were my age! 😉

Lights going down – Yay! Casino announcer comes out. Announces that one of the big screens is dead (we knew that!), and apologized. Talked about coming attractions (Smokey Robinson is playing for Valentine’s Day!), then introduced the Commodores. We are under way!

The band (The Mean Machine) starts out, and the guys (William “WAK” King, Walter “Clyde” Orange and JD Nicholas) come onstage. Incredible show – smoke, lights, sound, the band is incredible, and the three guys just never stop moving! Walter begins things by having us all stand up, then he start talking about the situation in Haiti, and asked the audience to offer up prayers. I was so hoping they would acknowledge this tragedy, and they did so in the most gracious manner possible.

Walter had us turning and introducing ourselves to our neighbors, shaking hands, and all kinds of things. He ended this part of the show by suggesting that we turn to our neighbor, ask for their phone number, and then ask them out! 😉 He was kidding, of course (at least, I think so!).

The show never stopped, and so many of the really good oldies saw the light of day (Brick House – their signature song, Night Shift – a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson, Easy, Machine Gun, Too Hot To Trot, and JD’s incredible rendition of “Three Times A Lady”). There was great interplay between Commodores and the band, Commodores amongst themselves, and Commodores and their audience.

Did we ever have fun! Standing a great deal of the time – dancing in place, clapping, singing, shouting (still have a sore throat) – in general being fairly rowdy for an “older” audience. (One lady brought her mother in a wheel chair.) I certainly plan to see these guys again!

We made it out of the showroom with only moderate difficulty. (Too many people, so little room!) Then the fun started – the casino was packed! I ended up falling down a couple of steps – my bad, the steps were too wide for me to take as regular steps. Sister smarted off and said she didn’t dare get me drunk if I was falling down when I was sober! 😉

We had a hard time finding machines to play – this was, after all, Saturday night at the casino! 😉 (My sister had been on some Internet forums, seeing what people had to say about the different slot games.) We finally decided to play what looked like some form of poker. We weren’t sure if we had to get a ticket, or if the machine took cash. I asked the gentleman two seats down from me how the machines worked, not realizing that he spoke very little English. Fortunately, another gentleman was passing behind us, and he explained the process. Many thanks, Sir!

Turns out you can’t make choices, you just hit the go button and hope! It was one of those machines where you can play from one to a gazillion coins. We did have fun (in spite of the smoke) – my sister won $30, I lost $20. Not bad for a nights entertainment!

Wandered through the casino, back into the county that we had entered through, and managed to choose a door other the one we came in through.  We decided on a direction, and headed out. Felt like the Bonner party crossing the mountains! Dark parking lot, no signs, nothing! We finally find the car, and make our way out (no signs for that either – process of elimination!).

Get home and crash for the night. (After playing with the cats, of course!) I wake up at 4 am, finally get up at 5:30 am. Jaxson (my sister’s male cat) helps me read the Tarot (just like he had done the night before) while we wait for my sister to get up.

Great breakfast – rice cake with almond butter, and cut up fruit with cinnamon. Have decided to add that to my (non-existent) culinary repertoire! Off to go shopping! We visited Ikea (I had never been there – is that place ever big!), where we again parked in the back forty. Then we moved on to Trader Joe’s (better parking), and The World Market (I think that was the name, anyway). Kind of like Trader Joe’s, and we got to park right in front! I ended up with  a package of 100 tea lights and some chocolate covered almonds. Great almonds, but for some reason they taste salty. Am eating them anyway! 😉

Now we are off to a really great Mexican restaurant, where my sister has a veggie platter and I have a chicken chimichanga platter.

What a wonderful weekend! Still floating from the concert! 😉 Many thanks to my sister, the Commodores, and the thrill of shopping!

© January 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Commodores Live!

  1. alisoncross says:

    Glad to read that you had a great night – was thinking about you!

    Ali x

  2. bplayfull says:

    I am Bonnie’s sister, and I had a great time! I can’t remember the last time that I had gone to a live concert! Adding to my “must do” list – see more concerts. :o)

    Loved the show – the Commodores are a great act. Talk about a “blast from the past”! And no, Bonnie did not dance in the aisles, but only because we weren’t ON the aisle! ;o)

    The casino was WAY too smokey for me, and I had a headache for the entire next day. But I did win $30, so all was not lost. Next time, we’ll have to find a venue that doesn’t allow smoking! And I’m an ex-smoker – maybe that’s why it was worse for me.

    The Emerald Queen Casino is an old building, so I’m sure that if we went to a little more modern facility, it wouldn’t be so bad.

    It was great to spend the weekend with my sister, and looking forward to finding more concerts to go to!

    Thanks, Bonnie! What a great way to celebrate your birthday! :o)

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