When Those Who Have Crossed Over Cross Into Your Readings

Several days ago I posted on Twitter, asking for ideas for a Tarot related blog. One person responded – and one person was all I needed, because her suggestion was so profound! Theresa Reed (aka @thetarotlady) suggested that I address the issue of talking about people who have crossed over coming up in readings. She noted the same thing that I have seen in some of my readings – that she sometimes received information that was downright “spooky” when she read the cards for a client that was concerned about a loved one that had crossed over.

How does the subject of a deceased loved one come up in a reading? I have had clients state from the get go that they wanted to know about someone who had crossed over. Sometimes they wanted to know how they were doing, sometimes they wanted to know how they died (i.e. under what circumstances), sometimes they wanted to know where a certain piece of paper or other item was. Sometimes they wanted to know if there was a message for them from that person.

Other times I will be in the middle of doing a reading, and I realized that the information coming to me has nothing to do with the question being asked, and that it is coming from a specific entity. I let my client know what is being said, and that I feel it is information coming to them from someone who has crossed over. Once that is out of the way, my client and I can return to “regularly scheduled programming”.

I think the most interesting (read bizarre here!) thing that has ever happened to me when doing this kind of reading was when I had two hysterical sisters on the line (I read over the phone), wanting to know about the death of one sisters boyfriend. Keeping them both calm and bringing over the information that was coming to me was, well, “quite interesting”.

Theresa has agreed to allow me to share one of her favorite experiences about loved ones that have crossed over. “A man came in to get a reading. He was a cop and very skeptical (I always find it odd that cops are skeptical about intuition considering most of them use it EVERY DAY at their jobs!).  We started out doing the general outlook and he asked a few questions.  He began to relax and I sensed he was enjoying the reading and actually getting something out of it.  He decided to ask about his dad and told me that he passed on not too long ago.

Without saying anything more, he handed me the deck and I started laying out some cards.  Suddenly, I felt compelled to ask him “Who is Jerry?”  He went pale and his eyes widened.  “That’s my uncle”.  I looked at him and said “he’s passed on too, isn’t he?”  The client nodded.  I then continued laying out cards and said “Jerry wants you to know that he helped your dad to cross over and your dad is fine.”  This man almost got a little shaky and teary eyed and then he said “there is no way you could have known he passed before my dad”.  He was so astonished by the reading that he became one of my biggest promoters – I had a lot of new business after that reading.”

Theresa: “So did the cards actually predict? Or was I picking up on something else? I like to think that the cards can show a message but sometimes they open the reader up to another source of knowledge and we unwittingly begin to channel information.  This has happened to me on many occasions but this was one of the most striking examples. “

Note: Theresa’s work can be seen at www.thetarotlady.com and http://blog.thetarotlady.com .

Should a reader agree to do this type of reading, or is this the province of a medium? Whether through a medium or through a reader (no matter what system they are reading from), this is channeled information, and should not be a problem. If the reader is unaccustomed to doing a reading like this, or if it makes them uncomfortable in any way, then they need to let their client know that they need to find someone else to do their reading. If the information comes up in the middle of the reading, they can do the same thing. Explain that information is coming from across the veil, but that they do not do this type of work.

For the reader who does feel comfortable dong this type of work, I would remind them to be very aware of their client’s reactions to the information. This is a little easier to do in person, because you can read body language. If the client is frightened, ask them if they would like to stop the reading. Talk to them until they are calmed down before they leave the reading area. Over the phone, listen closely to your client’s voice, and keep asking them if they have any questions. Make sure they understand what you have told them, and are reasonably calm.

This type of reading opportunity presents itself more often than we might think. If as readers we just allow ourselves to open up, absorb the information and pass it on, we will have been able to give our client peace of mind, and perhaps even closure, concerning a very difficult area in their life.

Please feel free to share your own stories under comments!



4 comments on “When Those Who Have Crossed Over Cross Into Your Readings

  1. Wow, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] write about doing tarot readings for people who have passed over to the other side and she wrote a fabulous article. (I hope you read it – she was kind enough to include a story I shared with her from one of my […]

  3. nucc50 says:

    Nice work Bonnie and Theresa. I often read for friend and folk from the other side. It’s nice to see a grounded discussion about it!!!

  4. goldencup says:

    Thank you for this post – it is wonderful. I am really interested in this area, more so now that I have lost more people to the other side and have found tarot important in communicating with them. I have previously had similar experiences to those you mention – occasionally I will meet a client who asks specifically for a message from someone on the other side. I explain that I don’t consider myself to be a medium, foremost – but I am usually willing to draw a card to see if the tarot has anything to say to that person regarding the person they are asking about. When I have done this the message has usually been very clear. Often the card will be a Court, describing the person passed and I take that to mean it’s ok to draw another card for a message. Another thing I’ve noticed is that, in general readings, although I don’t usually focus on spirit forms, if I am reading for someone else who is a medium or believes in spirits, someone who has passed may appear. It doesn’t happen every time, but it happened for a regular client around the anniversary of a loved one’s death (unbeknown to me, prior to the reading). Spooky, indeed!

    very best,


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