Reading For February

I decided to do a short reading for February, to look at the general energies that would be affecting all of us. The deck that I am using is the “Sakki-Sakki Tarot”, by Monicka Clio Sakki.


2          3

4                    5

1. What is the general energy for this month? Five of Cups

Yikes! Five of Cups during the month of love! Monicka talks about this card representing disappointment and loss of one’s dreams. Perhaps this is a caution to not attach too many hopes to Valentine’s Day (or to relationship in general), but to take things as they come.

2. What do we know about this month? The Magician

We know that we have the resources to manifest our goals this month, if we have clear vision, and show intent and focus.

3. What is hidden from us about this month? King of Rods

What is hidden from us is that we will need to make use of our ability to discriminate, make mature decisions, and be the leaders that we can be,

4. What do we need to know about this month? Ace of Rods

We need to know that we will be offered an opportunity to access our creative nature, to enter into new beginnings in some way, to be adventurous, to place some lovely fiery energy into our lives.

5. What energy can we call on for assistance? Six of Swords

This month we can call on the literal energy of travel (perhaps a three day weekend!), as well as personal wisdom/truth. With this wisdom we move forward.

© February 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


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