Tarot Lovers – Free Tarot Card Readings

I love the work that Karyn Easton is doing with the Tarot. You can see extensive work at http://www.paranormality.com, with today’s subject, the free Tarot Card reading software, at http://www.paranormalty.com/free_tarot_card_reading.shtml. Please note: this software can also be found at http://www.tarot-lovers.com.

The deck used is Karyn’s – the “Tarot Lovers Tarot”, an independently produced deck. There is a wide range of templates available, including a one card daily draw, two and three card draws, a twelve month spread, a seven card horseshoe spread, a ten card Tree of Life spread, and the traditional ten card Celtic Cross spread.

You have to look at the process to appreciate it. The cards on the screen do a little shuffle on their own, then the Seeker clicks on the cards at random for the reading. Once the total number of cards has been chosen, the deck disappears, and the cards that have been chosen reappear, face up, in the template of the given spread.

As each card is clicked on, a general meaning comes up. The Seeker may also click at the bottom of the screen for a more in depth meaning.

I love the software, and the thought put into the meanings. Please visit either http://www.paranormality.com/free_tarot_card_reading.shtml, or http://www.tarot-lovers.com, and experience a reading for yourself!

© February 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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