We Are Live!

I just got my “Women In Tarot” e-book up live on my site. What an incredible feeling! Rereading the interviews  was such an amazing journey – theirs and mine. I should mention one fact that was brought to my attention, and that is that the bios for some (if not all) of the ladies originally interviewed are outdated.

It has been a few years, and what is mentioned is of course now history. I chose not to edit that out because I wanted the interviews to stand as they were – a part of the history of that time. However, thanks to Rachel (Pollack), I now have an idea for a second e-book – one that will include all of the interviews that I have done.

The new book will be offered in both e-book and print format, and the individuals being interviewed will be able to update their bios and add whatever they wish to the interview. This will take a couple of months to put together, so stay tuned!

The link to my current e-book is www.bonniecehovet.com/WomenInTaroteBook.html.


© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “We Are Live!

  1. alisoncross says:

    Hey Bonnie – looking forward to reading this! Great idea, hope it generates some great discussions.

    Ali xxx

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