My Ponytail Is Purple – The Color of Change

My Ponytail Is Purple –

The Color of Change

Author: drSophera

Artist: drSophera & family

Comfort Cottage Chronicle


ISBN #978-0-578-05225-0

Comfort Cottage

A seed was planted in the garden of hope;

a spiritual awakening

blossomed while learning to cope.

– Forever a Page walking a Fool’s Path –


(from the back cover)

I felt very humbled and blessed when my friend Debbie Sophera Rossignol asked me to read this book in an early digital format – before it became this wonderful, beautiful work of art. This story is Debbie’s – about her personal path, and the path of the Tarot. It is about marriage, the dissolution of marriage, single parenthood, trying hard to make things work … and then trying harder. It is about the death, at far too young an age, of her firstborn son, Joey. It is about life.

Written in journalistic style, with each entry noted by day and time, the format is very “stream of consciousness”. Beginning with a poignant note to Joey, the book is broken down by year – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, with each year further broken down into seasons.

Joey died in July of 2004. In the Fall of 2004 the Tarot entered Debbie’s life – an instant attraction, and a help with life’s unending questions. Kept from friends and family at first, Debbie’s questions focus on why Joey had to leave this life so early, and what she needs to know about this. Her heart is heavy, as she searches for understanding.

Each entry is uncensored – a direct reflection of what Debbie’s thoughts were at that point in time. From the book:

“Winter 2004

Next thing I knew it was thanksgiving and I choose to spend it alone. The people we called family for thirteen years were more work than I could handle. Christmas was coming and I didn’t want it to but it would arrive anyway.

As usual, when I needed to count on those that cannot be counted on to get some things done; it just does not work out well. Two days before the first Christmas without you … He said, “come on we are going Christmas shopping”. I didn’t want to go, but I did want your brother and sister to have a good day, so I went.


I saw it coming and sure enough … it was a direct hit.

I spent that Christmas wishing I were alone.

The season of change and the gift called time.”

From here on we glimpse life through the lens of a woman in a less than perfect marriage, with two children to nurture, a house to run, a garden to plant, a community to serve, and a body wracked with pain from the car accident. There are good times, and bad, attempts at making things better that work, and attempts that don’t work so well. Another marriage left.

Then Mr. B appears – the Knight in shining armor, the gentleman, the perfect (if there is such a thing!) partner. Life gets better … much better! Debbie has a new home, a new garden, new friends … and can use her considerable talents in the many ways that she loves. She can work in her garden, do crafts for the house, do Tarot readings for the public … life is good!

Debbie has a purple ponytail … purple, of course, being the color of change. In her book she includes herbal recipes, flower recipes, photo’s of Comfort Cottage (where Debbie does her readings), family art (including a self portrait by Joey), poetry, Tarot readings, Tarot reviews, a meditation on the Ace of Cups, a Tarot spread, information about her Tarot deck in the making, and a wonderful list of the Tarot books that grace her home.

This wonderful lady is a CTA (Certified Tarot Associate), garden artist, freelance writer, owner of Comfort Cottage and Tarot in the garden. In this book she shares her life, and her path. You can find more information about Debbie’s work at

I highly recommend this amazing story of Debbie’s personal journey, and her companion on this journey … the Tarot.

As Debbie would say: “Wishing you an ahha kinda day!”

From the book:

“The message that I hope to share is that we all need to care about each other. I can move foreward now because I took a chance and “Painted My Ponytail Purple”!!!
I know … you really want to ask why, don’t you?
I choose to have lots to talk about when we get together!
Some things never change!”
“Joey, My life is so different and somehow more since you opened the door for me, thanks.”

© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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