Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading

Note: This template is based on a template for Past Life Reading developed by Rose Vanden Eynden (@RoseofAvalon) –

1 3 2

5 4 6

7 9 8

>11 10 12

The deck that I used for this reading was the “Hezicos Tarot”, by Mary Griffin (

Card 1 – Basic Soul Nature (Seeker) – Seven of Cups

Card 2 – Basic Soul Nature (Second Person) – Ten of Rods

Card 3 – Present Life Issue – Five of Swords

Card 4 – Past Life Influence – Two of Cups

Card 5 – Environmental/Early Life Influences In Past Life – The Hierophant

Card 6 – Accomplishments in Past Life – Six of Coins

Card 7 – Past Life Relationship – Nine of Rods

Card 8 – Past Life Death – End of Life – Six of Swords

Card 9 – How The Past Life Affects This Lifetime – Three of Cups

Card 10 – Lessons The Soul Needs To Learn – The Emperor

Card 11 – What Energy Will Help The Seeker To Learn This Lesson? – Knight of Coins

Card 12 – What Is The Next Step? – Two of Swords

The basic soul nature for the Seeker lies in the emotional realm. They are wide open to their intuition, and to fantasies and dreams. This Seeker needs to be able to discern between reality and illusion, and develop their dreams in a positive manner.

The basic soul nature of the second person lies the world of action – of follow through, if you will. This person needs to remember that there are consequences for all actions. And they need to be able to organize their activities in an efficient manner. This person needs to acknowledge just how much activity they can take on, and when it becomes overwhelming.

The present life issue is that of a sense of restlessness, of mental battles between the Seeker and the second person. The party who ses themselves as losing here is going to feel a lack of self worth. Worst case scenario – they will not feel able to cope with life.

The past life influence is that of two individuals who are very deeply connected. The emotions of one individual are mirrored in the second individual. There is also an ability to accept the differences in each other.

Past life environmental early life influences are all about (religious) belief systems and (familial/societal) expectations, It is a feeling of wanting to move beyond what we know, to move beyond what is acceptable. It is about moving beyond the security of community approval and carving our own path. Here we make the decision to either accept the values of our family/community/society, or develop our own values, based on our own experiences. It is all about knowing what to keep and what to release – what serves us well, and what no longer serves us well.

The Seeker’s accomplishments in their past life relate to having attained a attained a certain level of material goods and societal status. This was a time when the Seeker was moving from working hard to attain a certain level of wealth to using that wealth in an ethical, spiritual manner.

The past life relationship between the Seeker and the second person was that of distrust. There needed to be more open mindedness here, as well as the ability to leave the past in the past.

End of life in the past life had to do with being unable to release old thought patterns. The Seeker was not able to, or choose not to, address some issue in their life. This brought about their demise.

How this particular past lifetime affects this lifetime is in a very positive manner. The past that was not able to be addressed/released is now being released. There is no w great happiness, celebration, and a sense of optimism.

The lessons that the Seeker’s soul needs to learn are those of making decisions and taking action – bringing order out of chaos, being a mentor, and taking responsibility. Seeking clarity is a large part of this lesson.

The energy that the Seeker needs to access to learn this lesson is that of caution. Informed risk taking come to mind. Putting in the work of life.

With this lesson learned, the next step is that of thinking too much. The Seeker is not seeing clearly, to the point hat they may be avoiding some truths in their life. Far of change is also indicated here.

I can follow this reading through to the next to last card, and everything falls into place and makes sense. The final card – well, it makes no sense to me at all! It is as if the Seeker is taking a step back! Any thoughts?

© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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