The Fool’s Journey

Today we are on a Fool’s journey – a journey around the Internet to visit places and things that have come into my radar.  Our first stop is the Tarot Connection, Leisa ReFalo’s site. Leisa is now carrying Robin Tisch-Hollister’s “Minute Tarot” – a Tarot of 78 quick insights. Each card was drawn and colored in under five minutes, as an exercise to help move the artist past a creative block.  The deck is done in the Rider-Waite tradition, and appears to be quite usable. Lisa is offering it through her site.

The next site we are going to visit is a blog site – TarotElements, authored/edited by Catherine Chapman, co-author of “Beyond The Celtic Cross”. The current (as of this writing) post is on Zoran Cross, and the Psychosynthesis spread. Much as in her book, Catherine shares with us a psychological Tarot reading done for her by Zoran Cross. She shares the layout for the cards, as well as the commentary for the reading itself. The deck used was CIro Marchetti’s “Legacy of the Divine” Tarot.

Another offering from Catherine is Craig Conley’s take on the Mansion of Madness Tarot. This is a screenplay where the action is driven by Tarot cards. Every archetype appears in the film, as well as several Court Cards.

From Douglass Gibbs ( I thoroughly enjoyed his take on the Chariot – Triumphant Victory versus image of the Church – The Chariot. Lots of interesting commentary to think about here.

From Alison Cross we have a brand new non-Tarot website that may interest many of us (I know that it interests me!) – Hestia’s Larder. Here she will be discussing recipes, doing cookbook reviews, and all kinds of things! Alison is funny, down to earth, and has a lot to say. I am already signed up and tuned in!

Ciro has already found his way into the chat, so I am mention his newest site also, since I love to play there! Legacy of the Divine Tarot. This is a members site where you can find Tarot articles, a Wall of Knowledge with tidbits of Tarot wisdom, a gift shop that carries Ciro’s decks, Giclee canvases, Tarot bags, reading cloths, cushions and more, information on all of the cards from the “Legacy of the Divine Tarot”, and a room to do readings in (with the ability to write and save comments on your readings).

Enjoy your journey through the land of Tarot!

© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “The Fool’s Journey

  1. alisoncross says:

    Bonnie – thank you so much for mentioning m’blog, Hestia’s Larder; it is very much a Fool’s Journey for me!

    And what really excellent bloggers you mentioned me with!

    Thank you ;-D

    More power to your pen!

    Ali xxx

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