Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is quite an interesting phenomenon. Why would you want to place a guest blog on your site, and why would you want to blog on another persons site?

Let’s take at the purpose of blogs (from my perspective, anyway). Blogs can serve the following purposes (and more, but this is what comes to mind):

* They act as a form of personal journal.
* They act to inform.
* They act as a promotional tool.

In a personal journal, there really is no need for guest blogging. By nature, your blog reflects your own thoughts and your own life. In blogs that are acting to inform, or to promote (or both) there is a place for guest blogging.

In blogs that are written to inform, bringing in a guest blogger brings in a fresh viewpoint, and builds on information already presented. There is also a place for reciprocal blogging here – i.e. placing blogs on each other’s sites.

In blogs that are promotional in nature, guest blogging helps bring the guest blogger to the attention of a new audience. A specific topic (for instance, a new book or deck) can be covered on many different blog sites, with each of the blog owners giving their readers links to the other blog. A network is formed here to help promote work in any given field.

I am currently enjoying guest blogging for TABI ( the Tarot Association of the British Isles). I do this for several reasons – I like to write, I like to blog, I can reach a new audience, and I want to help TABI, of which I am a member, remain an interesting, viable organization.

If you would like to contribute to the TABI blog, please contact Alison Cross at

Everyone has something to say! Here are a few Tarot related topics that come immediately to mind:

* Talk about the Fool’s Journey (or the Hero’s Journey).
* Talk about the four elements in relation tot he four suits.
* Discuss the basic qualities of numbers 1-10.
* Discuss the quality of the number Zero (0) as applied to the Fool.
* Tell the story of the Virtues in the Major Arcana.
* Discuss the evolution of Tarot from Marseilles style decks to those that contain imagery.
* Talk about how to work Tarot journaling into daily life.
* Relate Tarot to ritual/ceremonial work.
* Discuss how to form a vibrant question.
* Discuss how to do a reading.
* Relate how to deal with difficult clients.
* Talk about setting up a Tarot business.
* Talk a bout promoting a Tarot business.

The list is endless! Where does your Tarot blog fit into this picture? Remember, your blog, and your work, can only be as big as your dreams for it are!

© April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

4 comments on “Guest Blogging

  1. jamesricklef says:

    Hey Bonnie,
    If you ever want to exchange guest blogs, let me know.
    Perhaps, for example, we can both write a blog post on the same agreed-upon topic, which will be an interesting process in the dual POVs expressed.
    James Ricklef

    • James –

      This is an excellent idea! Just let me know the topic that you would like to address, and the length (minimum/maximum) of post that you would like to see. As far as my blog goes – the length is up to you. It can be shor or long – whatever the topic calls for. 🙂


  2. alisoncross says:

    Bonnie – if I can ever help you by submitting a guest blog, it would be an honour – you have been so supportive of TABItarot’s blog, it’s the least I could do.

    Ali Cross

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