Rejuvinating Reviews

Feeling like I need to renovate/rejuvenate my process for doing reviews. IMHO, they have become much too staid. Perhaps a less “by the book” approach? (No pun intended!) I am comfortable that I am covering the material, it is how it is presented that I am concerned about. I will have to think about this. Perhaps a more conversational tone? Extremely difficult for this Cappie!

Help me out here! What are you looking for in a deck review? In a book review? In a software review? How would you like to see it presented? Just the facts m’am? A little personal input? Comparison with like material? Something else? You can comment here on my site, or you can e-mail me at: Any and all insight much appreciated!

On to things that are more fun! These are things that have crossed my path that I found interesting, and that you may also. Paul Hughes-Barlow Tarot Workshop London April 25th Paul Hughes-Barlow What do reversed Tarot cads mean? Alyssa Montalbano Tarot Journal “How To” Video Catherine Chapman’s Tarot site and blog. Douglas Gibbs Tarot site and blog. Paul Hughes-Barlow Tarot site.

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2 comments on “Rejuvinating Reviews

  1. jamesricklef says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Just my 2 cents worth about deck reviews… What I like to see in a deck review is the reviewer’s experiences with using the deck. Was it responsive? What is its “voice” like? Is it harsh, humorous, gentle, no-nonsense, etc? Do you know what I mean?
    Also, maybe a sample reading with it would be nice too.
    In addition, if you are able to get reactions from other people to the deck, that could be interesting too. I once showed a deck I was reviewing to my local Tarot club and almost everyone said, “Eww… I hate the XXXX card.” (I’m going to refrain from specifics here.) Now, I had found the XXXX card to be a bit off-putting, but it was interesting to see that it wasn’t just me.

    As for book reviews, one thing that’s important is to find out what the book adds to the world of Tarot books. Also, is it well written? There are some books that have a wealth of information, but they are tedious to read. There are a couple in particular that I just can’t finish, try as I might.

    Hope that helps!
    James Ricklef

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