Excuse Me, Your Life Is NOW

Excuse Me,
Your Life Is NOW
Mastering the Law of Attraction

Author: Doreen Banaszak
Hampton Roads
ISBN #978-1-57174-543-9

“Excuse Me, Your Life Is NOW” is a sequel to Lyn Grabhorn’s “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting”. We may know that we create our own reality, but many of us do not know how to do this. We bumble through life – some things work, some don’t, and we are never quite sure why in either case.

This book is based on the Four Steps of the Law of Deliberate Creation: (1) Know what you DON’T want, (2) Know what you DO want, (3) Get into the feeling place of what you DO want, and (4) Allow what you DO want to come into your experience.

There is also an assumption made that we each work with a creation partner – a spiritual partner that takes care of all of the details. It doesn’t matter if we think of this partner as our Higher Self, God, Universe or some other entity – we need to believe that this energy is our creation partner, and that we never walk alone on this path called life.

Along with our creation partner, we create the life that we want through a process that is propelled and maintained by feeling (as opposed to thought). One thought that I had here is that if we can go with our feelings, we bypass the logical thought process, and the little “negative voices” that reside there. Definite bonus! Banaszak goes on to say that unless we can feel what it is that we want, we don’t vibrate our energy in alignment with our desires, and we are unable to use all of the power that we have within us to attract what we want.

Banaszak states that the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) and the Law of Deliberate Creation work hand in hand. One thing that this book pointed out that I found interesting is that often our list of what we want is a negative list, focused on what we don’t want. The examples given are: (1) I want to be thin, (2) I want to be rich and (3) I want to be pain free. Rewritten to reflect a more positive mindset, these would be: (1) I want to learn to eat well, (2) I want to learn how to earn money doing work I love, and (3) I want to learn about alternative ways to be healthy.

Throughout the book Banaszak has included personal accounts (hers, and those of other people) to demonstrate how to define your don’t wants, define your wants, move into a place of emotional feeling and a place of allowing what you do want to come into you experience.

At the end of the book she has included a template for developing a creations script, along with how to use techniques such as affirmations, visualization, meditation and gratitude. She has also included a list of resources for conscious creators.

This is definitely not a book that your read and put down – it is a book that you work with to create the life that you want. It is appropriate for all ages, and all backgrounds. If you want a better life – this book will help you get there!

© April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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